Native Tongue Trilogy

I have run into sev­er­al women late­ly to whom I’ve want­ed to rec­om­mend the Native Tongue series by Suzette Haden Elgin. It’s a sci­ence fic­tion tril­o­gy, and I thought it was out of print, but Fem­i­nist Press has repub­lished them! My copies walked away with one of the third hus­band’s girl­friends, I think. Have to replace them so Katie can read them and we can use the dis­cus­sion guides avail­able on the author’s site.

And she even pub­lished The Láadan Gram­mar—I had no idea!

Elgin is bet­ter known as the author of The Gen­tle Art of Ver­bal Self-Defense. I’m try­ing to find a copy of that, too—my copy is gone, although I still have the work­book, and I real­ly want to work through it with shad­owkatt.

I did­n’t know she’d done oth­er fic­tion but I plan to look for them.

deb­o­rahlj, I was specif­i­cal­ly think­ing of you when I went to find out if the books had been republished—if you can find copies, I think you’d get a lot out of them.

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