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First of all, your name: Cynthia

Your nick­name: Cyn or TechnoMom

What’s your sign: Scor­pio with Tau­rus rising

Male or female: Female

When is your birth­day: Novem­ber 12, 1966

Where do you live: In the sub­urbs of Atlanta, Geor­gia, US

Where were you born: Gads­den, Alaba­ma, US

Col­leges or schools you attend­ed: Agnes Scott Col­lege (one quar­ter), Mer­cer Uni­ver­si­ty in Atlanta (two quar­ters, I think), Dekalb College—now called Perime­ter Col­lege (three quar­ters, maybe?). All except Agnes Scott were tech­ni­cal­ly part-time as I could fit them around work­ing. I have the equiv­a­lent of about two full-time years of credits.

Jobs you’ve had: Cur­rent­ly, I’m a Mommy/Homemaker and I occa­sion­al­ly fix com­put­ers or create/maintain web­sites for peo­ple and orga­ni­za­tions. Most­ly as a vol­un­teer, though. In the past, going back to when I was about 10: Soft­ware QA ana­lyst, tech­ni­cal writer, net­work admin­is­tra­tor, tech sup­port, call cen­ter super­vi­sor, data min­er, cus­tomer ser­vice man­ag­er, MIS man­ag­er, office man­ag­er, health insur­ance admin­is­tra­tor (I ran a self-insured plan for a for­eign mis­sions board), med­ical tran­scrip­tion­ist, gas com­pa­ny dis­patch­er, phone oper­a­tor (long-dis­tance and doing cred­it card autho­riza­tions), appoint­ment set­ter for a dat­ing com­pa­ny, bank teller/CSR, retail sales clerk, crafts instruc­tor, moth­er’s helper, jill-of-all-trades in the ser­vice office of an HVAC com­pa­ny, babysit­ter. I’m cer­tain I’ve for­got­ten something.

Favorite state: I haven’t lived in enough to have a “favorite.”

Favorite cities: I’m pret­ty fond of Atlanta, but I’m not real­ly well-trav­eled. I’d like to go back to Charleston, though.

Favorite col­ors: Greens, blues, some rose and pur­ple tones.

Boyfriend/girlfriend: One male life part­ner at the moment

How many phones do you have: In the house­hold? Two cell phones that work. I think we still have our old pre­paid ones but haven’t used them in a long time. Six land­line phones around the house.

How many phone lines do you have: One land­line, two cell phones (mine and sam­bear’s. Cable modem makes anoth­er land­line unnec­es­sary for the most part.

How many TVs do you have: Three hooked up, but they’re sel­dom turned on. There are two more in a clos­et some­where. And some­where in a box there’s a video card with TV input.

Best fra­grance guy/girl wears: Clean. That’s it.

What song is on now: No song on now. Katie is watch­ing one of the Stan­dard Deviants French videotapes.

Last CD you lis­tened to: I think it was one of the Emer­ald Rose CDs, but it could have been one of the Medi­ae­val Baebes CDs instead. They’re both in the changer.

Last TV show you watched: Hmm. Maybe the last episode of Witch­blade a few weeks back?

Last thing you ate: Chi­nese left­overs yes­ter­day after­noon. I haven’t got­ten around to eat­ing since then.

Most recent pur­chase: I think it was some­thing at the gro­cery store a week or so ago. For the cats. I just can’t remem­ber what it was.

Last movie you watched: A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream

Book you are read­ing: Into the Green by Charles deLint and The Sur­vivor’s Guide to Sex: How to Have an Empow­ered Sex Life After Child Sex­u­al Abuse by Staci Haines.

Are you talk­ing to any­one: Not at the moment. Just me, Katie, the cats, and the dog here at home, and she’s pret­ty intent on the French tape.

Who all is online: How would I know? Oh—you’re assum­ing I have a chat pro­gram open? I don’t, usu­al­ly. I sel­dom remem­ber to open one.

Have you ever been kissed: Yes.

Any reli­gious affil­i­a­tion: I’m an eclec­tic pagan and a Uni­tar­i­an Universalist.

Favorite kind of drink: I usu­al­ly drink ice water. I have one mug of Suisse Mocha every morn­ing. Alco­holic? Long Island Iced Tea, but I haven’t had it in years. I’ve had Mike’s Hard Lemon­ade more often late­ly (but still not often—maybe one every few weeks).

What size shoes do you wear: 9? 9 1/2? I’m not sure. Can’t remem­ber when I last bought shoes for me.

What’s your favorite kind of shoe: None. If I have to wear shoes, I usu­al­ly slip on my dis­rep­utable, com­fy san­dals. I don’t like hav­ing my feet con­fined. But I love boots for some rea­son. I just don’t have any nice ones anymore.

Do you like thongs: Nope.

A part of you that fre­quent­ly aches: Every­where. I have fibromyal­gia and arthritis.

Who was the last per­son to call you: sam­bear

Where do you go for good fast food: I don’t like fast food very much. I’ll usu­al­ly pick Arby’s if I have to eat the stuff, though.

Are you tick­lish? if so where: Yes. Everywhere.

Favorite com­put­er game: I don’t like com­put­er games much. sam­bear says I play Free­Cell like oth­er peo­ple sharp­en knives. And I’ll occa­sion­al­ly fire up Mahjongg if I have time to kill. But I’m more like­ly to sit down and stitch something.

Things near­est to you: Moon­stone (one of the kit­tens). Emp­ty cof­fee mug. A new stack of CD blanks. Com­put­er speak­ers that I need to hook up to this PC. Polar bear Beanie Baby used to dis­tract Jack­son on Saturday.

Ele­ments in your most recent rec­ol­lect­ed dream: A big new house we designed our­selves. A whole bunch of oth­er peo­ple were liv­ing with us, includ­ing rasilio and _starrgirl_ with all three kids (Jack­son and the soon-to-be-born twins) but it did­n’t feel crowd­ed, so it must have been an enor­mous place. There was a dis­cus­sion hap­pen­ing about who was stay­ing home with the kids and who was work­ing. And my old friend Bryan was obsess­ing over get­ting exact­ly the right time for the light in his stu­dio to be per­fect for a par­tic­u­lar painting.

Cur­rent Mood: 🙂con­tent
Cur­rent Music: Stan­dard Deviants French I
Cyn is Rick's wife, Katie's Mom, and Esther & Oliver's Mémé. She's also a professional geek, avid reader, fledgling coder, enthusiastic gamer (TTRPGs), occasional singer, and devoted stitcher.
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