Monday Morning

Good morn­ing!

You know, this “act­ing as if” thing is real­ly help­ing my moods.

Any­way, more pack­ing and mov­ing. Wheeee! We did­n’t get more loads on the vehi­cles last night, as we were all exhaust­ed after return­ing from the Castle. 

I’ve decid­ed that I like Car­i­tas Cas­tle bet­ter than Cas­tle Caritas.

I must get to the Cas­tle before the movers arrive with curiousmay9’s fur­ni­ture, as she want­ed me to super­vise fur­ni­ture placement.

The ice mak­er here stopped work­ing over the week­end. I fig­ure the apart­ment peo­ple are like­ly to be reluc­tant to fix some­thing when we’re leav­ing this week. I’m going to pitch a fit, if nec­es­sary, to get it fixed today. We go through LOTS of ice for drinks while moving!

curiousmay9’s bam­boo floor­ing looks very nice. It’s real­ly going to light­en up those rooms.

I need to remem­ber to take the spack­ling stuff over to the Cas­tle to repair the holes left from the old cur­tain hard­ware in our sit­ting room.

Hi! I’m scat­tered! I don’t think I’ve felt exhaust­ed and boun­cy before. Inter­est­ing combination.

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