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Reading LJ Community Polyamory means daily exposure to train wrecks. I wouldn’t do it at all if it weren’t that I like to see what the denizens of LJ Community Dot_Poly_Snark are chortling about. Someone deleted a snark post that I commented on yesterday, which is annoying. Some who claims to have multiple personalities that are all (apparently) otherkin is just too ridiculous to NOT snark about. She refers to the rest of us as “single souled,” and considers it a deficit of some sort.

Thanks, but I’m happy just having one personality per body.

sambear has taken shadowkatt to get her yearly physical for Girl Scout camp. curiousmay9 is installing an attic access hatch in our sitting room, with the help of a couple of borrowed teens. They couldn’t wait for Katie & Sam’s return, since working in the attic has to be done in the early morning.

The attic hatch should make things easier for the wildlife removal people to climb up and clean out the insulation used for critter bedding, then secure the house against the return of the invaders. After that, we’ll have someone in to replace all that insulation and greatly increase the R-value.

We’re getting a second quote on critter removal/security this afternoon. This company wants to put out humane traps for three weeks, in order to catch any other raccoons/possums that are lurking around. I’m probably going to have to stop feeding the squirrels and other ground feeders, as that attracts the invaders.

Shelley had to be moved from our suite to Katie’s room during the construction, since the doors are all open. She’s Not Happy. We’re also having to watch the other cats like hawks. Sparks got into the attic on Wednesday, when the pest control guy was here. Thankfully, the attic was opened again an hour or two later for the critter control inspection. Sparks fell out, incredibly groggy and dehydrated. She had to be bathed to remove the insulation from her fur, or she would have gotten sick (maybe dead) from trying to bathe the fiberglass out of her fur.

I’m snuffling, feverish, and trying not to claw at my arms. It’s a reaction to yesterday’s allergy shots. Boo. Now I have to do another round of Prednisone. The nurse who called me back from the allergist’s office was shocked that I don’t just keep prednisone around, since I have asthma. Hello, nobody mentioned it before or prescribed a supply to keep on hand!

Tonight we get to see mique_mique for the first time in SO LONG! sambear moved the love seat into the bedroom (from the sitting room) to give us all seating that shouldn’t have a lot of sheetrock dust on it. We’ll still need to vacuum the upholstery, and probably launder the bedding. She’s one of the few people who I won’t mind having in the bedroom for a game.

The work crew plus Katie will be going to see the new Star Wars movie this evening. I’m not really hot to see it. I figure Sam will want to go soon. Anybody out there want to go with him?

My main fiction reading at the moment is the Einarinn series by Juliet E. McKenna. The first two volumes were highly engaging, but for some reason I just can’t care as much about the third. I’m hoping it’ll pick up soon. I think part of the problem is that about half the plot is following the bad guys and the ones who are almost certain to be cooperating with the villains sometime soon. I’m not developing any strong feelings for or against them, so I find that part boring.

Someone at his office gave Sam two free tickets to the Renaissance Festival! We’re planning to go tomorrow. We would have gone today, in hopes of catching up with shes_precious and company, but we already had all these plans. I’m under orders to rest today in order to have energy for tomorrow. This is one of the times when I wish I had my own scooter.

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