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Katie and I took Shelley to the vet today. We were worried, as Katie had seen blood in the stool of some cat when changing the catbox that Shelley uses most often.

We’re keeping Shelley isolated for the next couple of days to see if it was her or not, but otherwise, the vet declared her incredibly healthy for any 16-year-old cat, much less one who is FIV positive. (She was diagnosed with FIV in 1999. We have no way of knowing how long she’s had it.)

She is getting cataracts, and her vision has already been affected.

She had her rabies vaccination, but the vet doesn’t think it’s wise to give her any other shots at this point. It’s important to be sure that the other cats continue to stay current on their vaccinations, and that she not be around other cats or become an outside cat again. None of that, of course, is news.

We won’t get the results of her blood work back ’til next week, but things look great!

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