Over my Flickr Limit? Fun With Photos

I’ve been uploading some of the photographs I have scattered all over my hard drive, most of them of Katie. Somehow, I outdid my Flickr upload limit for the month!

I’ve had that account for eons and have no idea what the limit is, as I’ve never approached it before. I was shocked when Katie hit hers within a few days of getting an account, then did it again as soon as the month changed – at which point we bowed to the inevitable and got her a pro account.

But me? Why would I ever need a pro account?

I have been jealous of the ability to have more than two sets, but that’s about it ’til now.

I’ve hardly even begun on the Katie pictures! I haven’t scanned in baby photos that I have, much less the grandparents’ albums.

Guess I do need a pro account.

I have a Zooomr pro account (because they’re giving them away), but it doesn’t have all the nifty toys available that have been written for Flickr.

As you can see, I’ve added a row of photos above the top post on the blog. Most of the pictures are of Katie, but the bar will show whatever I’ve uploaded most recently, whether it’s pictures of our critters, needlework, or Katie. I’ll be uploading more as soon as the Flickr meter allows.

And then I wanna make a scrapbook.

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