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Ok—my blog is now on LJ, again, as ene­my­ofen­tropy. Fibrant Liv­ing can be read at fibrantliv­ing.

Juliann point­ed out that there was­n’t a link to reg­is­ter to com­ment on the FL blog. D’oh! No won­der I was so lone­ly over there! It’s there now, at the TOP of the mid­dle col­umn, in a larg­er font size than the oth­er links, even. Because I do very much want com­ments. Please don’t make me com­ment-whore. Really.

I’m doing the script for pod­cast 2 now.

I man­aged to mod­i­fy a WP theme to make it very much “mine” for the FL blog. I’m proud of it. The head­er is a detail from one of shad­owkatt’s recent pho­tographs. I did the flower arrange­ment she pho­tographed, with ros­es and lilies. I haven’t man­aged to get the back­ground image to load yet, and I’m not hap­py with what the Socia­ble plu­g­in was doing so I deac­ti­vat­ed it, but those are the last two lit­tle things that are real­ly, real­ly bug­ging me, I think.

I’ve tweaked the main blog theme some, but it isn’t well and tru­ly MINE the way the oth­er one is. It could be mis­tak­en for a dozen oth­er sites. So it’s going to get more tweak­ing, after I do more press­ing things.

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