Small Joy

Recent­ly, a request for shorts in size 4/5 for the poster’s 13-year-old daugh­ter came to me through a local Freecy­cle list. Minor request, but I don’t think many peo­ple respond to requests. I read them, but am not usu­al­ly able to help. This time we could. shad­owkatt had, in fact, just recent­ly packed a big box […]

FAQ: Why Are We Homeschooling Katie?

Actu­al­ly, I think Sam should give his own answer, and Katie should answer as well since she’s been giv­en a choice as to whether or not to go to school or be home­schooled. My answer is that it has offered the best com­bi­na­tion of aca­d­e­m­ic chal­lenge and a pos­i­tive, sup­port­ive envi­ron­ment avail­able to us in […]


Katie showed this blog to Mali­ka, facil­i­ta­tor of the wom­yn’s writ­ers group, today. Mali­ka sug­gest­ed that we might want to add an FAQ, for those who aren’t famil­iar with home­school­ing. I’ve decid­ed to start by updat­ing and mov­ing over the infor­ma­tion that was on my site, so as to keep all the home­school­ing info […]

Writing Wednesday

Today was the resched­uled date for Katie’s writ­ing group, so off we went to one of our favorite book­stores, Charis. Unfortunately—due to the resched­ul­ing, I think—Katie was the only “mem­ber” who showed up. The group is just for high school “wom­yn,” and the only oth­er per­son to attend was the facil­i­ta­tor. As it turns out, […]

Arguments Against Homeschooling: Too Sheltered?

I’m not wor­ried about Katie being “too shel­tered,” although that’s one of the “dan­gers of home­school­ing” accord­ing to its oppo­nents. This study is some­thing to remem­ber the next time some­one brings up that old argu­ment. Peo­ple who have suf­fered life’s hard knocks while grow­ing up tend to be more gullible than those who have been […]

SciFri: Bionics & Tissue Engineering

I just lis­tened to this epid­sode of a pod­cast that I like a lot; Sci­ence Fri­day: Mak­ing Sci­ence Radioac­tive. In this episode, sev­er­al peo­ple are inter­viewed about things relat­ing to the top­ic. Here’s some of the things that they dis­cuss: A mile­stone in sci­ence: Blad­ders are grown in labs and then put into chil­dren who […]

Good Homeschooling Day

Kata­ri­na went out with me and we drove around, tak­ing pic­tures of things. OK, that sounds vague, but real­ly, Kata­ri­na enjoys tak­ing pic­tures of things, and these things are high­ly ran­dom yet they all have cer­tain qual­i­ties: They’re fre­quent­ly old, cracked, rust­ed, or broken/trashed They can be cast in some sort of jux­ta­po­si­tion­al light They are […]

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