Small Joy

Recently, a request for shorts in size 4/5 for the poster’s 13-year-old daughter came to me through a local Freecycle list. Minor request, but I don’t think many people respond to requests. I read them, but am not usually able to help.

This time we could. shadowkatt had, in fact, just recently packed a big box of clothes she’s outgrown, and the approximate size range was right. Were there shorts in there? Maybe, but I was reluctant to spelunk for them.

But I did respond. It got a box out of our way, right? And that was, honestly, my main thought right at that moment. Another box was gone. Yay!

Then we got the nicest note back yesterday from the girl’s mother. Her daughter was able to wear just about everything in the box and was absolutely tickled to have new clothes, especially since they’re recently purchased enough to be fashionable.

A minor thing, but it pleased me all out of proportion to what we’d actually given. It reminded me of the real joy of giving.

I’ll be paying more attention to those Wanted posts now. I’m sure I’ve missed some requests that I could have fulfilled.

How about you? What have you given lately?

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