Gone Already?

Wow. This has been a very short week. I’m sure it does­n’t feel that way to my poor Sam, but it does to me. That’s what hap­pens when you sleep through most of it, I sup­pose. I’ve avoid­ed acknowl­edg­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ty that Katie AND I have mono, but I have the same symp­toms she does, and nei­ther of us is get­ting any better.

My dreams are increas­ing­ly weird. I have to think that I’ve slept so much that my brain is done with ordi­nary pro­cess­ing, so now it’s dredg­ing up All That Weird Shit. Increased hyp­n­a­gog­ic episodes, oh joy. I hate those!

lebowski.gifOh! We watched The Big Lebows­ki! Nei­ther Katie nor Sam had seen it before, and it final­ly arrived from Net­flix. I had dri­ven them nuts because the movie sim­ply can­not be described. One has to expe­ri­ence it. Now they have been indoc­tri­nat­ed, and thus they under­stand. I’d for­got­ten how much I liked the music in that film. I must endeav­or to acquire the soundtrack.

That was Fri­day, yes. Then we had a Sat­ur­day. I mean, it isn’t as if the world skipped it. And it was today. I’m just find­ing it dif­fi­cult to remem­ber much of anything.

Strangers in DeathLet’s see—Sam got up and went off to a break­fast meet­ing with some impor­tant per­son­age to evan­ge­lize about New Media. Right. Then he picked up the new J.D. Robb book, Strangers in Death, at the library for me,1Squee! and pre­scrip­tions for Katie. 

He came home with a bunch of bike good­ies, too—light, bell, chains, locks, etc. Of course, he had to go try the bike after the light and bell were on!

Then the Nap Fairy ambushed us. Hard. I mean, we both woke up around 8:30 with no idea where the last 2–3 hours had gone. That does­n’t count as a nap so much as half a night’s sleep! If the house had­n’t been so hot that we were sweaty, I’m not sure that we would have wok­en ’til Sun­day morning.

In any case, we did wake up, rearrange our­selves, and pro­ceed to have a Very Nice Date. My sweet­ie made up a mur­der mys­tery for me. Isn’t that love­ly! Not quite a locked-door thing, but absolv­ing a trea­sured NPC required shenani­gans. Nobody expects the demon­ic doppelganger!

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2 thoughts on “Gone Already?

  1. Hmm… I dun­no, when I had mono in high school, I had the weird­est, most vivid dreams of my entire life. You might wan­na get checked on that.

  2. For the most part, I just did­n’t get The Big Lebows­ki. It’s one of those films, I think, that show a bro­ken part of my Movie Appre­ci­a­tion gland, I think. There are a num­ber of movies that my peers adore, that don’t strike me as being all that. But Yay! for see­ing some­thing you liked, and shar­ing it 🙂

    Your one-on-one gam­ing always sounds so delightful!

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