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This isn’t where I usually get geeky, but I think this utility might be useful to many readers.

I get notices from the Giveaway of the Day and Game Giveaway Of the Day sites each day as to what they have available that day. They make arrangements with various software publishers to distribute commercial software absolutely free in return for advertising. The catch is that the software must be downloaded and installed within the 24-hour period of the giveaway.

I’ve been watching the site for a year or so, and have downloaded and tried quite a few pieces of software. I’ve never found any malware in any of them, although I believe I’ve read mention of people getting unwanted software installed in a bundle because they didn’t pay enough attention to what they were agreeing to during an install.

Getting back to my point, today’s giveaway is a nifty utility that will magnify a portion of your computer’s screen, enabling you to better make out tiny print or small details. I didn’t have one of these installed on my machine until about nine months ago, and I wouldn’t want to live without it now. There is a free utility built into Windows, but it isn’t quite as robust as some of the other products on the market. The description for this one says:

Magic Lens Max is a real-time, intuitive and advanced screen magnifier and desktop viewer to zoom, rotate, enhance, view, and capture any area of the screen display. With built-in highly optimized resampling and enhancing filters, Magic Lens Max quickly generates a high-quality lens views with clarity in various situations. It also lets you view in different color modes or through separated color channels.

As I type this, there are another 22 hours and 55 minutes left to download and install Magic Lens Max. Why not give it a whirl?

(Yes, it’s a Windows app. Aren’t we the only ones who need such crutches?)

Oh—while I don’t find today’s free game offering terribly interesting, I have found some of the games to be very useful distractions on days that involve too much pain to do anything and I can’t focus well enough to read. Popping bubbles or whatever is a perfectly mindless pursuit, and very conducive to zoning out and getting my head away from the pain for a bit. I don’t do “twitch” games, or anything that requires a lot of dexterity or is completely tied to speed. If I was that dextrous and/or fast, I’d be doing something more useful than playing computer games.

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