Never, Never on a Sunday

Nope, not Sunday. Mostly. Well, maybe sometimes. Damned earworm!

I was trying to be Very, Very Good today as I wrapped up my assignments for the semester. Unfortunately, I got completely distracted by the fact that I hadn’t done a bloody thing with Pagan Parents since adopting the site. I got it working at a minimal level, so it should be easy to add content now.

Hint Hint: Content! I need content! Collaborators! Seriously, if you have opinions about parenting as a pagan, or you know of resources that I should link to, please let me know. If you know somebody who might want to write an article or blog with us there, have him or her contact me.

No, I don’t have time for another site, really, but the previous owners couldn’t renew it, and I didn’t want to see the address scooped up by a domain parking service or some such, just to be used for advertising (or to be sold at an outrageous price to actual, you know, pagan parents).

I did, eventually, get back to the school work. I’ve done my last quiz and turned in my last MS Project assignment. I think I have two more things to turn in for my other class, and I know I need to take the Project Management final in the next day or two. I don’t think we have to participate in the discussion boards this week, but I’d best look to be sure.

And then it starts all over again come Sunday. No such thing as spring break around here, no sirree!

vmars2.jpgThe girl and I watched the last episode of Veronica Mars Season 2 today. We’ve really stretched them out, but it was time. They got me, too. I really didn’t even suspect the big bad guy, and I was surprised yet again at the demise of another bad guy. I’m so glad it didn’t end with a big cliffhanger! There’s a little one, but nothing compared to the first season. I have to say that it’s a fun series. I don’t know how popular it was with the teens when it was on the air, but I would have eaten it up as a kid. What great fantasy fulfillment: a smart, cute high school student who is a successful private detective!

Mah man was busy doing an interview with the author of a roleplaying book about horrible, wicked elves. I had to ask him to stop describing aspects of it to me after the recording was done. (I’d left the room during it.) Yep, still a wimp. He was busy all evening editing, but I’m not sure whether or not he posted it to The Bear’s Grove yet. If not, it should be up Real Soon Now.

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