Cheating is NOT Polyamory

I am absolute­ly sick of see­ing peo­ple on poly lists or oth­er fora whing­ing about how unfair it is that they have to sneak around with their SOs. And, “oh, we’re in LUUURRRVVVE and just can’t squelch that!”

Clue: While you may not be able to con­trol your feel­ings, you can most def­i­nite­ly con­trol your actions. In fact, even 5‑year-olds can con­trol their behav­ior and learn that being angry at Tom­my does not have to trans­late to punch­ing Tom­my. This “but we’re in LUUURRRVVVE” shit is an excuse because you don’t WANT to keep it in your pants.

Cheat­ing is not polyamory. Call­ing infi­deli­ty polyamory will not make it that any more than me call­ing myself a size 14 would sud­den­ly enable me to fit into size 14 cloth­ing. Go away and find your own god­damned places to hang out and whine to oth­er unfaith­ful idiots about how tough your cho­sen row is to hoe. I’d sug­gest the name “Fuck-ups In Denial” myself.

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