Thing-a-Day 2

My creative time today was spent webmistressing. I tweaked some WordPress templates to work better, and moved more stuff over from my old site format to WordPress. It may not seem like much, but I always rewrite and update as I do that, so I figure it counts.

Sam and I had lots of fun in our game tonight. It’s a little weird to realize that someone is an avatar of a deity and that not only does he not know it, he’s nowhere near ready to realize it. Then there’s the whole issue of not letting that little fact slip at all because an entire race of people is waiting for his return (and they really, really need him now, of course).

I really should go to the library tomorrow, but I don’t know if Sam will have time to drive me there. I have books to return and books on hold to pick up. I’d best go to bed now, to improve my chances of waking early enough to ask him.

I need to give Kioshi some extra scritchies, though, and I’m thinking about Jen and her family, who had to let go of their newest feline family member today—he had feline leukemia. I always think of our Andre and Tom-Tom whenever feleuk comes up. I’m glad Kioshi didn’t catch it from his parents, as our babies and theirs probably did. Please, vaccinate all of your pets! Even if you don’t ever plan for them to go outside!

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3 thoughts on “Thing-a-Day 2

  1. Thanks, dear.

    The vet said he *was* probably born with it and that either who had him found out and put him out; or they never knew. We think they just didn’t know as he was never fixed and didn’t seem to have been to a vet before. I hope so. I would hate to know that someone found out he had feline leuk and then dumped him out on the streets.

    We have definitely decided, though, that Tim’s mom is right – main coons are the sweetest kitties ever. She’s had many and has one that is an older version of Kishi. We’re at their house this weekend and I think having Dozier sitting on me and loving on me has helped. I know it’s helped Spidey because Dozier is just a total love bug and Spidey’s been holding him a lot and petting him.

    But do give Kioshi scritches for us.

  2. I’m glad Dozier helped.

    Kioshi just isn’t a very cuddlesome cat. You may remember that Shelley wasn’t just cuddly, she was aggressively cuddly! So I still miss her, and I really want a lap cat. Maybe we can find a Maine Coon, too 🙂

  3. If I had a cat, that cat would have all the needed vaccinations. These days, I get my cat time in with other people’s cats 🙂

    Now I’m all kinds of curious about what’s going on in the game!

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