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Sunday, T‑a-Day3

I did more web­i­fy­ing today, and got all hap­py because I resolved a tem­plate prob­lem. I don’t “know” php, as in I don’t write my own scripts. I’m learn­ing more and more about it work­ing with oth­er peo­ple’s tem­plates, and have got­ten to where I can mix and match from dif­fer­ent tem­plates to get the effects I want. I also spent some time in mysql, try­ing to clean up some of this site’s tables to make it load faster.

I also read a lit­tle, and I’m real­ly, real­ly try­ing to fin­ish the book I’m on before div­ing into the deli­cious stack of books my sweet­ie brought home from the library for me. I wrapped up the week’s class assign­ments, too. I want­ed to stitch, but I was attacked by a rogue nap.

My project man­age­ment teacher released the study guide for the final, which is 3–4 weeks away (you can do it any time dur­ing week 8, and we just fin­ished week 4). Um, does any­body real­ly study that far in advance? I’ve nev­er been very dis­ci­plined about study­ing.

Sam is edit­ing a chap­ter of Fledg­ling, which he re-record­ed because he was dis­pleased with the sound qual­i­ty. He edit­ed Square One ear­li­er. Sor­ry, Hope, but I don’t think he got to record the lat­est chap­ter of Heart of the Hunter 🙁

It’s still Feb­ru­ary, right? The tem­per­a­ture was way up in the 70s today! It’s back down to 50 now—outside. Inside, the temp is still too hot for sleep­ing com­fort­ably. Pout.

Are there any Word­Press geeks read­ing this? I could have sworn that I saw a plug-in that allowed com­menters to send a pri­vate mes­sage to a blog’s own­er, sort of like hav­ing com­ments screened in LJ except that the own­er does­n’t ever (could­n’t, as I under­stand it) make the “whis­per” pub­lic. I can’t find such a thing in the offi­cial plu­g­in repos­i­to­ry at, though. Any­body know of such a thing? I don’t want to use a com­ment form, because of secu­ri­ty con­cerns.1

1 All the com­ment plu­g­ins and forms I’ve seen use the web host to send the mes­sage, instead of the sender’s out­go­ing mail serv­er, mak­ing it hard­er to get any­thing done about inap­pro­pri­ate mes­sages.

2 comments to Sunday, T‑a-Day3

  • There’s noth­ing to apol­o­gize for 🙂 Heart of the Hunter is a joy to lis­ten to, and I’ll enjoy it more know­ing it was a joy to record, and not an oblig­a­tion.

    Yes, I did tend to start prep­ping for finals weeks out. I did­n’t spends hours on it — but if I spent a lit­tle time each week going over the mate­r­i­al, I did­n’t have to pan­ic about it clos­er to time.

    What I know about Word­Press would­n’t fill a baby’s lit­tle fin­ger­nail, so I’m no help there. I may have to learn it, though, for a vol­un­teer group I work with.

    It’s so tough to resist the lure of library books! The next vol­ume of Fables is sit­ting right there, but I’m going to resist until I have a cou­ple chores done.

  • I am using cForms on my con­tact page. I have it set up to require that you are a human and it also sends the per­sons IP address when they use the form. If I get any­thing inap­pro­pri­ate I can lookup the IP address and fol­low up if need­ed.

    If you want to see what I receive when a per­son con­tacts me, use the form on my site and I will for­ward you the info.

    Here is a link to the plu­g­in: