Excellent article: Pregnancy & Fibromyalgia: Lessons Learned and Other Random Thoughts

ButY­ouDont­Look­Sick has a mar­velous arti­cle up today: ButYouDontLookSick.com : Preg­nan­cy & Fibromyal­gia: Lessons Learned and Oth­er Ran­dom Thoughts.

I’m in the “0.08% chance of that hap­pen­ing” group, like the author. I was sick all the time through­out my one suc­cess­ful preg­nan­cy. Yes, all day, every day, from about a week after con­cep­tion ’til months after the deliv­ery, because it took that long before all the hor­mones set­tled back down. My tum­my has­n’t been the same since—I get sick to my stom­ach far more eas­i­ly now than I ever did pre-pregnancy.

I also felt seri­ous­ly mis­led, as I’d heard about this “morn­ing sick­ness” thing, but all the time sick­ness? Nobody talks about that!

That was in 1990, and I was­n’t diag­nosed with FMS until 1993. I doubt my trou­ble had as much to do with fibromyal­gia as to the fact that I’ve had hor­mon­al prob­lems (PCOS, par­tic­u­lar­ly) since hit­ting puber­ty. My body just does­n’t like high hor­mone levels. 

Any­way, head on over to ButY­ouDont­Look­Sick and com­ment. They’ll be happy 🙂