I’m working on a new podcast episode. Really!

And I’d like very much to hear from you. Are you working? Have you had to change anything about work since developing a chronic illness? Have any of you gone back to work after taking some time off? Is anybody willing to be interviewed?


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4 thoughts on “Working?

  1. I have just recently gone back to work. I will tell you this working with FM can be extremely difficult. You really have to push yourself sometimes just to get to work and then at work it is worse. You have to prove to people you can do the job and many times people still have a hard time with you being there. I was off work for 51/2 years before I went back and even with the struggles I would do it all over again.

  2. Thanks, Tracy. I’m hoping to go back to work, and one of the biggest hurdles is convincing myself that I won’t disappoint anyone.

    Sandy, I’ll be in touch about the interview 🙂

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