Sunday Sauntering

I’m home again after spending much of the day at curiousmay9‘s house helping her declutter. I feel all accomplished. My house is still messier than I like, but I did have a hand in fighting entropy somewhere in the world today!

We were cheating, to some extent—we went ahead and started packing some of the books and knick-knacks for our move. She did weed out some items in both categories to send off to new homes.

It is interesting being around her three cats. Two of them are far more active than Shelley has been in years, and one is really only half-grown.

We watched the extended version of The Two Towers last night and this morning (splitting up because we got sleepy). I really appreciated the extra material. No, I still haven’t seen ROTK. I don’t know if I will see it in a theater. I didn’t see Fellowship until right before we went to see Two Towers, either.

I got in some stitching time during the movie but kept having to frog because I wasn’t paying enough attention.

curiousmay9 and sambear saw a house that they’re quite excited about yesterday. I’ll get to see it tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to it. If it’s The One, we’ll be well ahead of the schedule we’d expected. It would certainly be larger than what we’re in now (even before the planned addition), so we’d be able to host filks and so on again!

shadowkatt and sambear are still gaming with N. The girl has had quite the social weekend. She went to a Girl Scout event Friday night to Saturday morning, then went ice skating with her friend C and spent the night over there. She came home this afternoon and immediately set to gaming with N and Sam. I expect it to be very difficult to get her out of bed tomorrow, but I figure it’ll be worth it.

It’s interesting to hear about one of my D&D characters in the third person, as Katie & N’s characters are in the same world.

For now, though, I do believe I’m going to go soak in the tub and go to bed.

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