We Found a Castle, Maybe

The tide of change always begins with a trickle of a few nonconformists and then it grows into a veritable flood as increasing numbers of people abandon the convictions of the past.
John Shelby Spong from his book Living In Sin

The stone castle sambear described seemed a happy place to live as far as shadowkatt and I are concerned too, so an offer has been made. We should know by noon Wednesday whether or not it has been accepted. Some haggling is to be expected, of course. But if all goes as planned, the closing will be on February 18!

Katie is not feeling well at all. I honestly think it’s the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep Friday and Saturday, then letting herself get dehydrated. I’m forcing her to drink water now. She’s certain that I’m torturing her—she’s hit that point where she’s not thirsty and just wants to sleep. Having been there, I know damned well that the sleep won’t do any good because she must get rehydrated. She’s also insisting that she’s cold, and it’s 71 degrees in here! She’s all bundled up now, and I already checked to make sure that she doesn’t have a fever.

Speaking of warmth, we haven’t been able to get truly hot water in a while, and we never have enough of the sorta-hot water for more than one shower within a few hours. That doesn’t begin to account for laundry and washing and dishes and so on, either. I finally remember to call the apartment office today, and was told, “Everybody complains about that every winter.” SO WHY DON’T THEY FIX IT?

The water heater is in a mechanical closet off the porch. The closet is unheated/uninsulated and the water heater isn’t insulated. The same unit heats the house and the water. She said that because we’re running the heater, there’s less heat going to the water heater. That might make sense IF we were running the heater, but we’ve hardly done that all winter. So she finally sent someone to turn up the temperature on the water heater, while warning me that our utility bill would go up. I don’t care, as long as I can actually get a hot bath/shower!

That reminds me—curiousmay9 said there’s enough room in the utility room at the castle for another water heater. We’ll likely add one because we all like our hot water.

I don’t suppose any of you have the Norton Anthology of World Literature volumes A, B, and C laying around, do you?

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