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Back in 2001, someone posted a filk to rec.music.filk that she’d written about the season 5 (?) Buffy finale. It was to the tune of Annie’s Song.

I know that I saved the lyrics to my hard drive, but I can’t find them now. I went searching, and Google says it found the post in question. But I can’t read it!


Is there a link that I’m just not seeing there? With other search results, the subject link is clickable. This one has no subject line shown. It is every bit as annoying in IE as in Firefox.

Edit: I did, eventually, find the local copy I’d saved. It’s by Lee Gold, whose posts aren’t archived in Google Groups. It was published in Xenofilkia and doesn’t seem to be published on the web anywhere, so I’m assuming she wouldn’t want it posted, either.

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