Who do you trust with your children?

I keep seeing news stories about kids dying in daycare or at the hands of other people to whom their parents have entrusted them, and every time there is so much shock and rage as if people can’t believe it’s happening. I am so tired of it. Pay attention!

How many of the people in these centers did the parents actually meet before leaving their children there? Did they meet anyone? Did they spend any time there?

If you leave your children with childcare providers, how did you choose them? How well did you vet them? How often do you drop by unexpectedly?

Would you trust every single person in that facility with your car keys? Just hand them over and let any of them drive your brand new ride away, no questions asked?

How about your wallet? Just give it over, tell them your ATM or credit card PINs, give them carte blanche?

If the answer to both of the questions isn’t yes, why are you leaving your children with them?

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