Abortion is NOT related to FMS!

I detest ignorant bigots. And I absolutely consider the following hate speech. From http://glenysluckymama.blogspot.com/2008/06/fibromyalgia-and-abortion-possible-link.html:

So like an HPV diagnosis in someone would almost guarantee that others would know the person’s potential morals or lack thereof, and HIV almost always denotes a gay man, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia could potentially indicate a woman who has aborted a child. Just a thought.

Gosh—so all those males who have fibromyalgia were actually born as women, and had abortions before they had sex changes and developed FMS? Everybody who is HIV+ because of blood transfusions or other issues is a gay man?

I’ve never even considered having an abortion. My child certainly hasn’t had one, and she developed FMS when she was nine years old!

I did comment on the blogger’s site, giving her information on all the proof that FMS does exist and that our pain is real. I don’t believe she’ll ever approve the comment, because she doesn’t care about the truth—she just wants to spread her nasty propaganda.

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