Midnight? Already?


It’s been almost as fun listening to the kids (Katie’s gang, here for her birthday party) game as it would be to be part of a game myself. Maybe I will play Vampire someday. I suppose I’d trust Sam to run just about anything.

They’re watching something now – Mirrormask, it sounds like. I couldn’t believe that her Wolfie hadn’t seen it, as it’s so very much her kind of movie.

The house is cleaner than it’s been in a long time. I’ll mark that up to being largely (not quite) done with the semester and to making preparations for the party. Sam and Katie were both marvelous about cleaning up.

The girl has been so exhausted that she missed dance class yesterday, so I was a bit worried about her. She’s still going strong, though. She slept well past noon today! With her health concerns, she’s always running at the edge of her energy, even with catching naps where she can, so I suppose her fatigue is to be expected after she stayed out ’til (mumblety-mumble) Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

Yes, on a school night. The one thing she really wanted for her birthday was to go to the Dresden Dolls concert, and the only night they were in town was a Tuesday. She managed a TMBG show on a weeknight last year without a stumble, so we finally gave in.

Somewhere between the time I bought tickets online for an “all ages” show (back in August) and the time I picked up tickets on Sunday, it changed to an “Adults only” show! Well, that was a surprise. I asked around a bit, and we decided that we were still cool with her attending. Fortunately, she and her friends had no trouble getting in. The reason for the rating was a burlesque show in the opening act. Goddess forbid that teens see boobies in pasties!

I still remember when birthday parties were all-girl affairs with lots of pinkness, games, balloons, crafts, and squealing. They weren’t better than this, by any means, but time does fly.

Sam is trying to lure me back onto Second Life now. Dreadful man. I suppose we might as well go be even nerdier at this point.

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