Episode 4

Episode 4

The first episode in the new, short­er for­mat, record­ed on my very own micro­phone. Thank you for your patience in wait­ing for it!

Most of today’s show is about audio enter­tain­ment and infor­ma­tion, which is great when the fatigue is so bad that lis­ten­ing is one of the few things we can do.


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Will we regret homeschooling later?

I don’t think so, hon­est­ly. And, if she’s any­thing like those who par­tic­i­pat­ed in a recent sur­vey, I don’t think Katie will, either.

…accord­ing to “Home­school­ing Grows Up,” a research study on adults who were home­schooled, 74 per­cent of those who were home­schooled are cur­rent­ly home­school­ing their own children.…The “Home­school­ing Grows Up” sur­vey said that out of the more than 5,000 sur­veyed, 95 per­cent say they are glad they were home­schooled and 92 per­cent say hav­ing been home­schooled is an advan­tage to them as adults.

From Are home­school­ers pre­pared for the real world?

Midnight? Already?


It’s been almost as fun lis­ten­ing to the kids (Katie’s gang, here for her birth­day par­ty) game as it would be to be part of a game myself. Maybe I will play Vam­pire some day. I sup­pose I’d trust Sam to run just about anything.

They’re watch­ing some­thing now — Mir­ror­mask, it sounds like. I could­n’t believe that her Wolfie had­n’t seen it, as it’s so very much her kind of movie.

The house is clean­er than it’s been in a coon’s age. I’ll mark that up to being large­ly (not quite) done with the semes­ter and to mak­ing prepa­ra­tions for the par­ty. Sam and Katie were both mar­velous about clean­ing up.

The girl has been so exhaust­ed that she missed dance yes­ter­day, so I was a bit wor­ried about her. She’s still going strong, though. She slept well past noon today! With her health con­cerns, she’s always run­ning at the edge of her ener­gy, even with catch­ing naps where she can, so I sup­pose her fatigue is to be expect­ed after she stayed out ’til (mum­ble­ty-mum­ble) Tues­day night/Wednesday morning.

Yes, on a school night. The one thing she real­ly want­ed for her birth­day was to go to the Dres­den Dolls con­cert, and the only night they were in town was a Tues­day. She man­aged a TMBG show on a week night last year with­out a stum­ble, so we final­ly gave in.

Some­where between the time I bought tick­ets online for an “all ages” show (back in August) and the time I picked up tick­ets on Sun­day, it changed to an “Adults only” show! Well, that was a sur­prise. I asked around a bit, and we decid­ed that we were still cool with her attend­ing. For­tu­nate­ly, she and her friends had no trou­ble get­ting in. The rea­son for the rat­ing was a bur­lesque show in the open­ing act. God­dess for­bid that teens see boo­bies in pasties!

I still remem­ber when birth­day par­ties were all-girl affairs with lots of pink­ness, games and bal­loons and crafts and squeal­ing. They weren’t bet­ter than this, by any means, but time does fly.

Sam is try­ing to lure me back onto Sec­ond Life now. Dread­ful man. I sup­pose we might as well go be even nerdier at this point.

Happy Birthday Katie!

Katie at about 2 months of age
16 years ago today, I held Katie in my arms for the first time.

You’re still the most mar­velous sur­prise in the world, angel. If I could have spe­cial-ordered a child, she would have been you. Thank you for being part of my life.Katie at a photo shoot

I love the unique per­son you’ve become every bit as much as I loved that tiny baby in my arms, and I’m very proud of you. I look for­ward to many more years of see­ing what you choose!

Funny gaming-related comic

So yes­ter­day I fol­lowed a link post­ed in the syn­pro­mo LJ com­mu­ni­ty, and end­ed up at one of the many new web-based com­ic strips. It isn’t even drawn, okay? It’s pic­tures swiped from else­where with text past­ed on top, using some sort of com­ic cre­ator thing.

Any­way, I could­n’t stop ’til I’d read all the avail­able strips, and I absolute­ly could not be qui­et. Of course, Sam had to find out what was so funny.

You need to under­stand that he nev­er finds RPG humor as fun­ny as I do, because it’s fre­quent­ly old hat to him. I’ve large­ly stopped pass­ing those things on to him. He’s been gam­ing since he was 8. I’ve just been gam­ing since we met 8 years ago. Big difference.

There’s also the fact that I’m just a play­er, and he’s always the DM. Dif­fer­ent perspectives.

But with this, he sur­prised me. He was laugh­ing so hard that I tru­ly thought he would hurt himself.

So if it’s fun­ny enough for Sam, I fig­ure it’s worth shar­ing with you. 

DM of the Rings

Silly thing

I get all tick­led every time my girl posts some­thing about a link I send to her. It’s like scor­ing Mom­my points.

Give Sambear hugs!

My poor baby sur­vived appen­dici­tis — two week­ends in a row! 

He final­ly saw a doc­tor this week, and drank the nasty bar­i­um shake so they could see his innards. The ver­dict is that the appen­dix needs to come out, prefer­ably on our sched­ule (mean­ing laparo­scop­i­cal­ly, which is much safer) than on its sched­ule (emer­gency basis, pos­si­bil­i­ty of rup­ture, big­ger inci­sion, longer heal­ing, ewwww!).

He’s on one of those “kill them all!” antibi­otics now, and will be going for­ward with the next steps this week. Wish him luck in as-near­ly-pain­less-as-pos­si­ble removal of the beast­ly appen­dix, will you?

Welcome Aboard!

Cour­tesy of The Econ­o­mist, a look at what truth­ful in-flight announce­ments might sound like.

Your life-jack­et can be found under your seat, but please do not remove it now. In fact, do not both­er to look for it at all. In the event of a land­ing on water, an unprece­dent­ed mir­a­cle will have occurred, because in the his­to­ry of avi­a­tion the num­ber of wide-bod­ied air­craft that have made suc­cess­ful land­ings on water is zero. This air­craft is equipped with inflat­able slides that detach to form life rafts, not that it makes any dif­fer­ence. Please remove high-heeled shoes before using the slides. We might as well add that space hel­mets and anti-grav­i­ty belts should also be removed, since even to men­tion the use of the slides as rafts is to enter the realm of sci­ence fiction.

Not rec­om­mend­ed for fear­ful fly­ers, obviously.