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So yesterday I followed a link posted in the synpromo LJ community and ended up at one of the many new web-based comic strips. It isn’t even drawn, okay? It’s pictures swiped from elsewhere with text pasted on top, using some sort of comic creator thing.

Anyway, I couldn’t stop ’til I’d read all the available strips, and I absolutely could not be quiet. Of course, Sam had to find out what was so funny.

You need to understand that he never finds RPG humor as funny as I do because it’s frequently old hat to him. I’ve largely stopped passing those things on to him. He’s been gaming since he was 8. I’ve just been gaming since we met 8 years ago. Big difference.

There’s also the fact that I’m just a player, and he’s always the DM. Different perspectives.

But with this, he surprised me. He was laughing so hard that I truly thought he would hurt himself.

So if it’s funny enough for Sam, I figure it’s worth sharing with you.

DM of the Rings

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