Damn. I have bug bites on my feet and ankles. I don’t want to say the “f” word, but that’s what they look and feel like.

Hmph. I am absolutely sure now that the birth control pills are causing the tummy problems. Okay—maybe they aren’t CAUSING them, but they’re definitely contributing heavily. I didn’t have any real stomach problems during the week of “white pills.” As soon as I went back to the colored ones, it was instant “morning sickness” 24/7 again. I managed to do some biofeedback work last night to calm it a bit so that I could sleep. Unfortunately, I’ve never managed to get good enough with biofeedback that I can do anything while I’m otherwise occupied.

BUT—the pain is backing off a bit. As long as I take the narcotic stuff. Since I’m out of Ultram/Ultracet, I have a choice of taking NO pain meds or taking the narcotic pain reliever.

Right. Class today. Must go do class stuff!

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