Obviously, I’m Grumpy

I am unhap­pi­ly real­iz­ing that I am going to have to go out with the girls to do most of the camp shop­ping. I don’t know how much writ­ing Sam has got­ten done, but I don’t think he’s any­where near fin­ished, so he won’t be able to go with us and do it Sat­ur­day. I hate shop­ping. It sucks ener­gy like nobody’s busi­ness. And I espe­cial­ly hate shop­ping with lit­tle mon­ey in hand, because I get real­ly anxious.

On the good news side, yes­ter­day Katie final­ly got the tetanus shot she was due to have back in Octo­ber. There’s been some sort of world­wide tetanus vac­cine short­age, so only shots neces­si­tat­ed by injuries were being done. That was mak­ing me a lit­tle ner­vous, espe­cial­ly with her going off to camp. Yes, I know tetanus isn’t as seri­ous as it was at one time, but I wor­ry anyway.

G will get her check­up and pos­si­bly some immu­niza­tions tomor­row morn­ing, and we’ll have both girls’ med­ical papers signed and ready for camp. As I fig­ured, once I got past the appoint­ment nazi and to an actu­al nurse or doc­tor, there was an appoint­ment mirac­u­lous­ly available.

So real­ly, good things do hap­pen sometimes!

The A/C is work­ing bet­ter, but it still needs to be ser­viced no mat­ter what the land­lord twit says. Hav­ing to change the fil­ter (which is the real­ly good, expen­sive, $16 a shot kind that’s sup­posed to be good for three months!) is com­plete­ly ridicu­lous. The coils need clean­ing. The fact that the dry­er duct comes out of the wall and points direct­ly at the A/C unit means that they MUST be cleaned every year. (The unit should be ser­viced year­ly any­way, it’s just espe­cial­ly impor­tant with this vent thing.) It’s just poor design, and the land­lord knows it and knows he could and should fix it, but he won’t. I imag­ine it would be an easy thing for handy folks to fix. We aren’t unless it involves PCs. 

There is a big truck on my street mak­ing near-con­stant back­up beeps now. How far can this thing back up? It’s not a very long road! And some guy yelling incom­pre­hen­si­bly to, I pre­sume, who­ev­er is dri­ving the truck. I guess I should go see what’s going on.

Okay, there were two trucks full of “tree experts.” And one guy in the mid­dle of them yelling direc­tions. Appar­ent­ly, they were look­ing for any limbs that might pos­si­bly endan­ger any pow­er or tele­phone lines. I can’t imag­ine why they need­ed two trucks for that, but in any case, they’re gone now.

Anoth­er thing to add to the wish list for the next house: a neigh­bor­hood with buried util­i­ty lines.

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