Obviously, I’m Grumpy

I am unhappily realizing that I am going to have to go out with the girls to do most of the camp shopping. I don’t know how much writing Sam has gotten done, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near finished, so he won’t be able to go with us and do it Saturday. I hate shopping. It sucks energy like nobody’s business. And I especially hate shopping with little money in hand, because I get really anxious.

On the good news side, yesterday Katie finally got the tetanus shot she was due to have back in October. There’s been some sort of worldwide tetanus vaccine shortage, so only shots necessitated by injuries were being done. That was making me a little nervous, especially with her going off to camp. Yes, I know tetanus isn’t as serious as it was at one time, but I worry anyway.

G will get her checkup and possibly some immunizations tomorrow morning, and we’ll have both girls’ medical papers signed and ready for camp. As I figured, once I got past the appointment nazi and to an actual nurse or doctor, there was an appointment miraculously available.

So really, good things do happen sometimes!

The A/C is working better, but it still needs to be serviced no matter what the landlord twit says. Having to change the filter (which is the really good, expensive, $16 a shot kind that’s supposed to be good for three months!) is completely ridiculous. The coils need cleaning. The fact that the dryer duct comes out of the wall and points directly at the A/C unit means that they MUST be cleaned every year. (The unit should be serviced yearly anyway, it’s just especially important with this vent thing.) It’s just poor design, and the landlord knows it and knows he could and should fix it, but he won’t. I imagine it would be an easy thing for handy folks to fix. We aren’t unless it involves PCs.

There is a big truck on my street making near-constant backup beeps now. How far can this thing back up? It’s not a very long road! And some guy yelling incomprehensibly to, I presume, whoever is driving the truck. I guess I should go see what’s going on.

Okay, there were two trucks full of “tree experts.” And one guy in the middle of them yelling directions. Apparently, they were looking for any limbs that might possibly endanger any power or telephone lines. I can’t imagine why they needed two trucks for that, but in any case, they’re gone now.

Another thing to add to the wish list for the next house: a neighborhood with buried utility lines.

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