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BTW — I’m putting this stuff here so I can look at it more lat­er. I don’t expect any­one but me to care about it.

I edit­ed this based on stephanielynch’s com­ments, below.

Jupiter is in the 4th house, in Leo. I can see some aspects of the Leo and Can­cer stuff in myself.
The Leo influ­ence in the fourth house places a sig­nif­i­cant empha­sis on the home. Pride and ego char­ac­ter­ize your atti­tude toward your home and fam­i­ly. You want the home to be a cas­tle for enter­tain­ing in grand fash­ion. You have home­own­er­ship and you want it to be a show­place. Own­ing a piece of land would give you a sense of self-worth. If where you live is not a reflec­tion of your ego, it’s like­ly your self-image is low for some rea­son. Per­sons with Leo on the cusp of the fourth house are apt to be the one that “rules the roost.” In either sex, this place­ment often shows the one who is the boss and makes the deci­sions in the family. 

The Can­cer influ­ence in the fourth house shows an unex­pect­ed sen­ti­men­tal side of your nature regard­ing home and fam­i­ly affairs. Roots hold emo­tion­al impor­tance to you as you are strong­ly affect­ed by inher­it­ed pat­terns and respon­si­bil­i­ties in life. You have a great sense of feel­ing, sen­si­tiv­i­ty, and vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty to issues relat­ing to the home and fam­i­ly. There is a deep attach­ment to fam­i­ly tra­di­tions and home rela­tion­ships. You may be espe­cial­ly pro­tec­tive of your par­ents and assume a role of respon­si­bil­i­ty for them. That you may have depart­ed your ear­ly shel­ter at a young age has noth­ing to do with this idea. As you mature, there is an increas­ing urge for a set­tled cen­ter. In the home envi­ron­ment, your assertive nature becomes easy­go­ing and can be moody.

Plu­to and Uranus are in the 5th house, in Vir­go. Hmm. Prob­a­bly more in tune with the Vir­go than Leo stuff, except that I am extreme­ly proud of Katie.
The influ­ence of Vir­go in the fifth house shows a crit­i­cal nature in roman­tic sit­u­a­tions. You enjoy affec­tions, but find it hard to com­mit your­self com­plete­ly. More than any­thing, you need men­tal com­pan­ion­ship; some­one to dis­cuss the pros and cons of a vari­ety of sub­jects. You exer­cise the utmost dis­crim­i­na­tion in select­ing the object of your affec­tions, and you become impa­tient with the rit­u­al of courtship. Rela­tion­ships with off­spring can be strained as you lack the patience for prop­er­ly dis­ci­plin­ing them and under­stand­ing their needs. Vir­go can be cre­ative, but its nec­es­sary to spend much time in prepa­ra­tion and plan­ning before start­ing. Even when you are just going out to have a good time, you make sure that all the details of the evening are well planned and care­ful­ly thought through. Spon­tane­ity is not your way. 

The Leo influ­ence in the fifth house shows dra­mat­ic ten­den­cies and the need to have cen­ter stage. The Sun rules Leo, and the place­ment of this sign here sug­gests that a good deal of your ener­gy is spent on romance, self-expres­sion, and your chil­dren. You devote your­self ful­ly to what­ev­er cre­ative activ­i­ty has your inter­est at the moment. You are eager for appro­ba­tion, requir­ing con­stant approval to main­tain your enthu­si­asm. You iden­ti­fy strong­ly with your chil­dren and you’re very proud of their accom­plish­ments. You are a born gam­bler and spec­u­la­tor, with more than your fair share of luck. The need for self-expres­sion through cre­ative projects is high. A roman­tic at heart, you look for dra­ma in romance and love.

Sun, Moon, Mer­cury, Venus and Sat­urn are all in the 7th house. All but Mer­cury are in Scor­pio, and it’s ret­ro­grade and in Sagittarius:
The influ­ence of Scor­pio in the sev­enth house sug­gests much ener­gy devot­ed to social rela­tion­ships, espe­cial­ly the mar­riage. There is almost a com­pul­sion for part­ner­ship of some kind, whether in busi­ness or per­son­al life. You are like­ly to be attract­ed to part­ners pos­sess­ing cre­ative expres­sion and the pow­er to get things done. Mar­i­tal rela­tions may be marked with pos­ses­sive­ness and peri­od­ic bat­tles of will. You con­sid­er suc­cess in part­ner­ship a per­son­al chal­lenge. There is much com­pul­sive­ness and force asso­ci­at­ed with mar­riage and part­ner­ships, and your mate may be inward­ly pow­er­ful and dynamic.

Sat­urn is in the 11th house, in Pisces and ret­ro­grade. Again, I can see some aspects of both the Pisces and Aquar­ius. I don’t like dull peo­ple and I don’t think I wear rose-col­ored glass­es (not any­more!), but I’m extreme­ly loyal.
The influ­ence of Pisces in the eleventh house sug­gests a bond of loy­al­ty and sym­pa­thy between friends. You may be the type of per­son who puts loved ones on a pedestal, yet expect them to be per­fect. Or, you may be the sort that puts them on a pedestal, and refus­es to see any fault that may exist. So doing, you set your­self up for dis­il­lu­sion­ment when they let you down. You would give the shirt off your back to a friend in need. You expect such friend­ships in return. You are espe­cial­ly sen­si­tive to slights, should they ever occur. These rela­tion­ships are extreme­ly impor­tant to your well-being. You are a very gen­er­ous per­son who under­stands the true mean­ing of char­i­ty. You are very ide­al­is­tic and main­tain a pos­i­tive atti­tude toward friends and asso­ci­a­tions. This is thanks to the rose-col­ored glass­es that you wear, cut­ting the glare of harsh and unpleas­ant reality. 

The influ­ence of Aquar­ius in the eleventh house sug­gests an intol­er­ance for dull peo­ple. You have an attrac­tion to those who are more inter­est­ing, even the unusu­al and odd­ball types. You are attached to peo­ple who are not only inter­est­ing, but to those who are not afraid to take chances with their lives. Your friend­ships are intel­lec­tu­al­ly moti­vat­ed rather than sen­ti­men­tal­ly stim­u­lat­ed. Your atti­tudes and group rela­tion­ships have very lib­er­al lean­ings, and you are one who does­n’t hes­i­tate to join the group. There is often a rebel­lious nature asso­ci­at­ed with this sign. Your social life is usu­al­ly in high gear and exciting.

All these hous­es are emp­ty, so appar­ent­ly they aren’t as important:
The Gem­i­ni influ­ence in the sec­ond house focus­es the mind on mate­r­i­al mat­ters and on mak­ing mon­ey. With Mer­cury, the rul­ing plan­et of Gem­i­ni, con­trol­ling the sec­ond house of mon­ey and pos­ses­sions, you express an active inter­est in finan­cial affairs. This place­ment shows manip­u­la­tion of val­ues toward greater earn­ings, and tak­ing care of your­self in a mate­ri­al­is­tic sense. Your resource­ful­ness in accu­mu­lat­ing mon­ey may result in hold­ing more than one job simul­ta­ne­ous­ly. You have a ten­den­cy to weigh and mea­sure every­thing and every­body by mate­r­i­al suc­cess. You should learn to view achieve­ments based on social and cul­tur­al val­ues. You prob­a­bly make your mon­ey with your head instead of your hands.
With Can­cer on the cusp of the third house there is a very sen­si­tive man­ner of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. You have an abil­i­ty to tune in to peo­ple’s needs and pub­lic trends. An excel­lent mem­o­ry per­mits you to retain the infor­ma­tion you receive. You learn as if by osmo­sis. When you are inter­est­ed in a sub­ject, you can remem­ber exact words, ges­tures, and even the tone of voice of the deliv­ery. Yet you may have expe­ri­enced dif­fi­cul­ties in your ear­ly child­hood edu­ca­tion, sim­ply because you were too emo­tion­al and moody then. Even now, your abil­i­ty to dis­cuss mat­ters ratio­nal­ly, is often low, and you may react to oth­ers emo­tion­al­ly. Dur­ing your ear­ly years you may have been close and very pro­tec­tive of any broth­ers and sis­ters. The influ­ence of Can­cer in the third house denotes close and emo­tion­al ties to the imme­di­ate fam­i­ly. You pay solic­i­tous atten­tion to those with whom you feel a close relationship.
The Vir­go influ­ence in the sixth house denotes a con­cern for the body and health issues. Men­tal stim­u­la­tion is required if you are to remain healthy and hap­py. You sel­dom eat or drink to excess, and you are health con­scious in choos­ing what you con­sume. When you become ill, you are very irri­ta­ble, since you resent any­thing that restricts your free­dom of motion. In your work you have a great capac­i­ty for detail and research. His­to­ry is espe­cial­ly inter­est­ing to you because of your abil­i­ty to accu­mu­late and relate details. Your per­fec­tion­ist ten­den­cies makes it hard for you to com­plete projects on time and some­times you don’t fin­ish them at all. Often you become a very demand­ing per­son. You who must avoid a ten­den­cy to nit-pick and become too analytical.
The influ­ence of Sagit­tar­ius in the eighth house sug­gests a nat­ur­al flare for busi­ness and good for­tune when it comes to mon­ey. You may have the good for­tune to ben­e­fit from large-scale enter­pris­es that grow and pros­per. Jupiter, the rul­ing plan­et of Sagit­tar­ius, pro­vides good for­tune and abun­dance in the part of the chart it con­trols. Its influ­ence here in the eighth house sup­plies a nat­ur­al expectan­cy and enthu­si­asm that brings finan­cial help to you through­out your life. You are the type of per­son who can usu­al­ly get what you want out of life because of your good-humored nature and gen­er­ous, out­go­ing demeanor. Opti­mism and high expec­ta­tions are attrib­ut­es that serve you well.
The influ­ence of Capri­corn in the ninth house shows a con­ser­vatism asso­ci­at­ed with ideas and abstract thought. Before chang­ing any of your views, you have to be shown hard evi­dence sup­port­ing such a change. Your approach to spir­i­tu­al life is ortho­dox. You tend to trav­el only when it serves a use­ful pur­pose, usu­al­ly asso­ci­at­ed with busi­ness. The plan­et Sat­urn rules Capri­corn, and this is the plan­et of restric­tion and devo­tion to duty. Sat­urn rul­ing the ninth house implies respon­si­bil­i­ty asso­ci­at­ed with pub­lic­i­ty or recog­ni­tion. The call to duty with this place­ment may be very strong, and the weight of recog­ni­tion, very heavy.
The Capri­corn influ­ence in the tenth house makes you cau­tious and pru­dent regard­ing mat­ters that could affect your rep­u­ta­tion and sta­tus in your pro­fes­sion. You need promi­nence in your field and get it through com­pe­ti­tion and hard work. Pow­er and author­i­ty are your goals. Sat­urn, rul­ing Capri­corn, is the nat­ur­al ruler of this house. Sat­urn’s influ­ence here denotes a very strong sense of duty, an atti­tude of ded­i­ca­tion. With this ded­i­ca­tion comes a high degree of pres­sure and respon­si­bil­i­ty. The progress in the career may be slow, but it is con­sis­tent. You know instinc­tive­ly that you are capa­ble of climb­ing to the top. You can build a sol­id pub­lic image. This is a very achieve­ment ori­ent­ed place­ment. Posi­tion and secu­ri­ty will be attained, but it may take patience.
The Pisces influ­ence in the twelfth house shows the aspects of com­pas­sion and sym­pa­thy in your nature are well hid­den behind the drawn cur­tain of this house. You repress the ten­der side of your being, push­ing feel­ings in the back­ground so that they nev­er inter­fere with cur­rent projects. Though these feel­ing are buried in your sub­con­scious, you may be much more sen­si­tive than you show. Behind all the aggres­sive action that is so much a part of your life, lies a dream­er of dreams, a vision­ary, and an ide­al­ist. This ener­gy is nev­er easy for you to express open­ly, but it may be what you think about when you are alone. Learn­ing to trust your intu­ition can be a dif­fi­cult, but impor­tant, lesson. 

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