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BTW – I’m putting this stuff here so I can look at it more later. I don’t expect anyone but me to care about it.

I edited this based on stephanielynch‘s comments, below.

Jupiter is in the 4th house, in Leo. I can see some aspects of the Leo and Cancer stuff in myself.
The Leo influence in the fourth house places a significant emphasis on the home. Pride and ego characterize your attitude toward your home and family. You want the home to be a castle for entertaining in grand fashion. You have homeownership and you want it to be a showplace. Owning a piece of land would give you a sense of self-worth. If where you live is not a reflection of your ego, it’s likely your self-image is low for some reason. Persons with Leo on the cusp of the fourth house are apt to be the one that “rules the roost.” In either sex, this placement often shows the one who is the boss and makes the decisions in the family.

The Cancer influence in the fourth house shows an unexpected sentimental side of your nature regarding home and family affairs. Roots hold emotional importance to you as you are strongly affected by inherited patterns and responsibilities in life. You have a great sense of feeling, sensitivity, and vulnerability to issues relating to the home and family. There is a deep attachment to family traditions and home relationships. You may be especially protective of your parents and assume a role of responsibility for them. That you may have departed your early shelter at a young age has nothing to do with this idea. As you mature, there is an increasing urge for a settled center. In the home environment, your assertive nature becomes easygoing and can be moody.

Pluto and Uranus are in the 5th house, in Virgo. Hmm. Probably more in tune with the Virgo than Leo stuff, except that I am extremely proud of Katie.
The influence of Virgo in the fifth house shows a critical nature in romantic situations. You enjoy affections, but find it hard to commit yourself completely. More than anything, you need mental companionship; someone to discuss the pros and cons of a variety of subjects. You exercise the utmost discrimination in selecting the object of your affections, and you become impatient with the ritual of courtship. Relationships with offspring can be strained as you lack the patience for properly disciplining them and understanding their needs. Virgo can be creative, but its necessary to spend much time in preparation and planning before starting. Even when you are just going out to have a good time, you make sure that all the details of the evening are well planned and carefully thought through. Spontaneity is not your way.

The Leo influence in the fifth house shows dramatic tendencies and the need to have center stage. The Sun rules Leo, and the placement of this sign here suggests that a good deal of your energy is spent on romance, self-expression, and your children. You devote yourself fully to whatever creative activity has your interest at the moment. You are eager for approbation, requiring constant approval to maintain your enthusiasm. You identify strongly with your children and you’re very proud of their accomplishments. You are a born gambler and speculator, with more than your fair share of luck. The need for self-expression through creative projects is high. A romantic at heart, you look for drama in romance and love.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all in the 7th house. All but Mercury are in Scorpio, and it’s retrograde and in Sagittarius:
The influence of Scorpio in the seventh house suggests much energy devoted to social relationships, especially the marriage. There is almost a compulsion for partnership of some kind, whether in business or personal life. You are likely to be attracted to partners possessing creative expression and the power to get things done. Marital relations may be marked with possessiveness and periodic battles of will. You consider success in partnership a personal challenge. There is much compulsiveness and force associated with marriage and partnerships, and your mate may be inwardly powerful and dynamic.

Saturn is in the 11th house, in Pisces and retrograde. Again, I can see some aspects of both the Pisces and Aquarius. I don’t like dull people and I don’t think I wear rose-colored glasses (not anymore!), but I’m extremely loyal.
The influence of Pisces in the eleventh house suggests a bond of loyalty and sympathy between friends. You may be the type of person who puts loved ones on a pedestal, yet expect them to be perfect. Or, you may be the sort that puts them on a pedestal, and refuses to see any fault that may exist. So doing, you set yourself up for disillusionment when they let you down. You would give the shirt off your back to a friend in need. You expect such friendships in return. You are especially sensitive to slights, should they ever occur. These relationships are extremely important to your well-being. You are a very generous person who understands the true meaning of charity. You are very idealistic and maintain a positive attitude toward friends and associations. This is thanks to the rose-colored glasses that you wear, cutting the glare of harsh and unpleasant reality.

The influence of Aquarius in the eleventh house suggests an intolerance for dull people. You have an attraction to those who are more interesting, even the unusual and oddball types. You are attached to people who are not only interesting, but to those who are not afraid to take chances with their lives. Your friendships are intellectually motivated rather than sentimentally stimulated. Your attitudes and group relationships have very liberal leanings, and you are one who doesn’t hesitate to join the group. There is often a rebellious nature associated with this sign. Your social life is usually in high gear and exciting.

All these houses are empty, so apparently they aren’t as important:
The Gemini influence in the second house focuses the mind on material matters and on making money. With Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, controlling the second house of money and possessions, you express an active interest in financial affairs. This placement shows manipulation of values toward greater earnings, and taking care of yourself in a materialistic sense. Your resourcefulness in accumulating money may result in holding more than one job simultaneously. You have a tendency to weigh and measure everything and everybody by material success. You should learn to view achievements based on social and cultural values. You probably make your money with your head instead of your hands.
With Cancer on the cusp of the third house there is a very sensitive manner of communication. You have an ability to tune in to people’s needs and public trends. An excellent memory permits you to retain the information you receive. You learn as if by osmosis. When you are interested in a subject, you can remember exact words, gestures, and even the tone of voice of the delivery. Yet you may have experienced difficulties in your early childhood education, simply because you were too emotional and moody then. Even now, your ability to discuss matters rationally, is often low, and you may react to others emotionally. During your early years you may have been close and very protective of any brothers and sisters. The influence of Cancer in the third house denotes close and emotional ties to the immediate family. You pay solicitous attention to those with whom you feel a close relationship.
The Virgo influence in the sixth house denotes a concern for the body and health issues. Mental stimulation is required if you are to remain healthy and happy. You seldom eat or drink to excess, and you are health conscious in choosing what you consume. When you become ill, you are very irritable, since you resent anything that restricts your freedom of motion. In your work you have a great capacity for detail and research. History is especially interesting to you because of your ability to accumulate and relate details. Your perfectionist tendencies makes it hard for you to complete projects on time and sometimes you don’t finish them at all. Often you become a very demanding person. You who must avoid a tendency to nit-pick and become too analytical.
The influence of Sagittarius in the eighth house suggests a natural flare for business and good fortune when it comes to money. You may have the good fortune to benefit from large-scale enterprises that grow and prosper. Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, provides good fortune and abundance in the part of the chart it controls. Its influence here in the eighth house supplies a natural expectancy and enthusiasm that brings financial help to you throughout your life. You are the type of person who can usually get what you want out of life because of your good-humored nature and generous, outgoing demeanor. Optimism and high expectations are attributes that serve you well.
The influence of Capricorn in the ninth house shows a conservatism associated with ideas and abstract thought. Before changing any of your views, you have to be shown hard evidence supporting such a change. Your approach to spiritual life is orthodox. You tend to travel only when it serves a useful purpose, usually associated with business. The planet Saturn rules Capricorn, and this is the planet of restriction and devotion to duty. Saturn ruling the ninth house implies responsibility associated with publicity or recognition. The call to duty with this placement may be very strong, and the weight of recognition, very heavy.
The Capricorn influence in the tenth house makes you cautious and prudent regarding matters that could affect your reputation and status in your profession. You need prominence in your field and get it through competition and hard work. Power and authority are your goals. Saturn, ruling Capricorn, is the natural ruler of this house. Saturn’s influence here denotes a very strong sense of duty, an attitude of dedication. With this dedication comes a high degree of pressure and responsibility. The progress in the career may be slow, but it is consistent. You know instinctively that you are capable of climbing to the top. You can build a solid public image. This is a very achievement oriented placement. Position and security will be attained, but it may take patience.
The Pisces influence in the twelfth house shows the aspects of compassion and sympathy in your nature are well hidden behind the drawn curtain of this house. You repress the tender side of your being, pushing feelings in the background so that they never interfere with current projects. Though these feeling are buried in your subconscious, you may be much more sensitive than you show. Behind all the aggressive action that is so much a part of your life, lies a dreamer of dreams, a visionary, and an idealist. This energy is never easy for you to express openly, but it may be what you think about when you are alone. Learning to trust your intuition can be a difficult, but important, lesson.

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