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Fixed 10, Muta­ble 5

Fixed Pre­pon­der­ance
The strength in fixed signs in your chart sug­gests that you hold to fixed or rigid ideals and goals. What you may lack in dar­ing, you make up for in per­se­ver­ance. You are usu­al­ly able to achieve what­ev­er you under­take, pure­ly from the strength of your deter­mi­na­tion. You are extreme­ly strong-willed and resis­tant to exter­nal influ­ences. You set val­ues and ideals over indi­vid­u­als and sit­u­a­tions, often in an uncom­pro­mis­ing man­ner. Your great strengths are loy­al­ty, con­stan­cy and depend­abil­i­ty. The down side of a fixed chart is the like­li­hood of too much of a “fixed” or stub­born nature. Com­pro­mise is hard for you because giv­ing in is near­ly impos­si­ble. You may be so rigid that you can’t roll with the punches. 

The com­bi­na­tion of most plan­ets in fixed and muta­ble signs pro­duces cer­tain con­flicts in your nature. Although these two approach­es are quite dif­fer­ent and con­tra­dic­to­ry, you are apt to express both; a rigid and unyield­ing, per­sis­tent and deter­mined fixed approach, but with the abil­i­ty to adapt, change, and work around obsta­cles when it becomes clear that flex­i­bil­i­ty is the only way to win. Your free­dom is extreme­ly impor­tant to you because you’re set in your ways. 

Car­di­nal Absence
A lack of car­di­nal signs sug­gests a lack in ini­tia­tive and dri­ve unless these attrib­ut­es are shown else­where in the map. Not one to pur­sue desires active­ly, you some­times look to oth­ers to sat­is­fy them for you. You wait for oppor­tu­ni­ties rather than forc­ing the issue and mak­ing your own breaks.
The com­bi­na­tion of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows a ter­rif­ic cre­ative force in your nature. This is a very hard place­ment to pre­dict because you can be so exec­u­tive and com­mand­ing at times, and at oth­er times your riotous emo­tions and sen­sa­tion­al ten­den­cies take over. The pits or the heights, with lit­tle in between, is the way that your life seems to go. Emo­tions are nor­mal­ly the cause of these enor­mous changes in mood. Noth­ing you do is ever half-heart­ed. You are very emo­tion­al, but peo­ple may not real­ize this because of you nat­ur­al abil­i­ty to con­ceal or hide your feel­ings. You can be very impul­sive or quick on the trig­ger, and you do best when you keep your impuls­es under direct and con­scious men­tal con­trol. You have such inten­si­ty that you gen­er­al­ly get what you want by shear deter­mi­na­tion and per­sis­tence, not to men­tion a huge capac­i­ty for hard work. You are a real whiz in an emer­gency; force­ful and in com­plete con­trol. You have a pow­er­ful sex nature that would try to con­trol a part­ner utter­ly, and you may have a bit­ter deter­mi­na­tion to do just that. It requires a strong degree of self-dis­ci­pline for you not to dom­i­nate all those with whom you come into con­tact, for the coop­er­a­tive spir­it is not strong, and the will-to-pow­er in per­son­al mat­ters is great. You have a sort of rule or ruin atti­tude that makes you a very for­mi­da­ble oppo­nent. When your devo­tion is fixed, you are capa­ble of the extremes of loy­al­ty. But it takes a very strong and tact­ful per­son to arrive at this posi­tion, and even then it takes a good deal of flat­tery. Your van­i­ty is great, and you need to be made to feel you rule the roost. In one way or anoth­er you usu­al­ly do. Rela­tion­ships are hard for you because you will nat­u­ral­ly fight with peo­ple that are strong and have pride them­selves, but you hold those not mea­sur­ing up to such a stan­dard in com­plete dis­dain. You have no time for weak indi­vid­u­als. For this you live a some­what lone­ly life, and in many respects, you are a very pri­vate person.

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