From Out of the Blue

I was struck by a thought. “Biblical inerrancy” is in itself a form of idolatry for some. dwivian, I would appreciate some feedback/dialogue from you, particularly—and from anyone else interested, of course. Current Mood: 🤔pensiveCurrent Music: –

Abuse of the Patriot Act

Federal Charges Filed Against SG-1 Archive The FBI invoked a provision of the Patriot Act in order to obtain financial records in support of a suit by MGM and the MPAA against a Stargate fan’s web site. Don’t even bother…

About Those Drama Queens

At the first session my life partner and I had with a therapist six years ago, trying to deal with issues that were largely caused by one of those DQs, I said, “The first step in treating snakebite is to…

Start the Week With Beauty

Number 8 –Lawrence Ferlinghetti from Pictures of the Gone World It was a face which darkness could kill       in an instant a face as easily hurt      by laughter or light ‘We think differently at night.’      she told me once…

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