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News Alert: There Are No Pretty Democrats

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Accord­ing to Ann Coul­ter, any­way:

As for the pret­ty girls, I can only guess that it’s because lib­er­al boys nev­er try to make a move on you with­out the UN Secu­ri­ty Coun­cil’s approval.  Plus, it’s no fun rid­ing around in those dinky lit­tle hybrid cars. My pret­ty-girl allies stick out like a sore thumb amongst the corn-fed, no make-up, nat­ur­al fiber, no-bra need­ing, san­dal-wear­ing, hir­sute, some­what fra­grant hip­pie chick pie wag­ons they call “women” at the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Nation­al Convention.
Because appear­ance is more impor­tant than ANYTHING else, yes? Of course, that Con­di Rice is such a look­er. I’m sure nobody would notice Beth Trout­man if Con­di were around.

For 20 years, the Democ­rats would­n’t let Jim­my Carter with­in 100 miles of a Con­ven­tion podi­um. The fact that Carter is now their most respectable speak­er tells you where that par­ty is today. Maybe they just want to remind Amer­i­cans who got us into this Mid­dle East mess in the first place. W’ve got mil­lions of fanat­i­cal Mus­lims try­ing to slaugh­ter Amer­i­cans while shout­ing Allah Akbar!  Yeah, let’s turn the nation over to these guys.
Carter is prob­a­bly the most-respect­ed states­man in our coun­try. God knows we would­n’t want any­body he likes hav­ing any influ­ence! And, of course, those arms sales dur­ing the Rea­gan admin­is­tra­tion had noth­ing to do with any of this.

Edit: I absolute­ly had to add this link: L’af­faire Coul­ter: Good­bye to All That by Jon­ah Gold­berg, edi­tor of The Nation­al Review Online.

It’s true: Ann is fear­less, in per­son and in her writ­ing. But fear­less­ness isn’t an excuse for crap­py writ­ing or crap­pi­er behavior.

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