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Abuse of the Patriot Act

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Feder­al Charges Filed Against SG‑1 Archive

The FBI invoked a pro­vi­sion of the Patri­ot Act in order to obtain finan­cial records in sup­port of a suit by MGM and the MPAA against a Star­gate fan’s web site.

Don’t even both­er to fuss about whether the guy had ille­gal mate­r­i­al avail­able for down­load on his site. There is absolute­ly NO con­tention that his site rep­re­sent­ed a nation­al secu­ri­ty threat in any way, shape or form.
His online friend­ship with oth­er Star­gate fans across the globe was por­trayed as an inter­na­tion­al con­spir­a­cy against the MPAA

I was unable to find this sto­ry in nor­mal news out­lets, but there is a press release about the sto­ry on the DOJ’s web­site, so I’m con­sid­er­ing it cred­i­ble. I’m still watch­ing to see if it hits the media.

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