Good Day

shadowkatt and I spent much of our day at Three-13 Spa, Salon & Boutique, for both pampering and legitimate school research (for me).

For the small group communications class project, the girl took many cool pictures. I interviewed four people. One more visit should be plenty, but we have to manage to get all four team members there at the same time. That’s proving difficult.

Then there was the pampering. The girl got her hair cut and had an instructional makeup session, something she’d wanted to do. I had my hair colored back to my natural color (dark brown with red highlights) and cut. This cut is longer in front than I’ve had for a while, but shorter in back.

Then we went off and spent obscene amounts of money equipping the girl with make-up and accessories (brushes, a bag to put it all in, sponges, etc.) This was all part of a Yule present, which is why she wasn’t buying her own makeup. She got “normal” stuff as well as some very striking colors for, um, playing dress-up? Though I don’t think teens call it that.

I wanted her to know how to use the stuff without looking like a Mary Kay Commando, and to have something at least decent. I think we succeeded. She’s unlikely to wear war paint on a daily basis, but it’s good to know how to do it.

I’m having a bit of trouble looking at her, though. She looks so grown up! Somehow, seeing her in “normal” makeup is even more jarring than seeing her all gussied up for a special occasion.

I do believe we may go get manicures & pedicures together next week.

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