I Am a Bad Poly Person

About all I had to say in our family therapy session tonight is that I’m tired of talking.

I’m tired of serious conversations. I’m tired of planning projects. I’m tired of processing, interpreting, mirroring—all of it.

I’m just tired.

The next time someone says, “Communicate, communicate, communicate” to me, I’m all too likely to recommend that he perform physically impossible and painful acts.

If you’re around me right now, you’d best say whatever you have to say. Say it plainly and concisely. Do your thinking silently if you don’t yet know what you want to say, and wait ’til you do know to open your mouth.

Then shut up. I don’t need extensive explanations. I don’t want justifications. I don’t want an exploration of every alternative you’ve considered. If I want that stuff, I’ll ask.

But I’ll probably just be happier with the silence.

Current Mood: 😴tired
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