Quiet Monday

I’m snuggled up in the bed with a woozy shadowkatt and a sleeping Shelley.

Shelley sleeps even more than most cats now, which probably isn’t that unusual for a cat who’ll be 16 in a few weeks.

The girl woke up with a migraine today, so she won’t be going to dance today. She has to feel truly nasty to miss dance class this close to the recital. She slept most of the day, then we had a bed picnic.

She’s watching The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I find it a difficult movie. Good, but difficult.

I’ve cataloged more books and videos, done laundry, cleaned the kitchen, run the Roomba, that kind of thing.

sambear and I had lots of marvelous gaming this weekend. As usual, I want more. I’m a very high-maintenance gamer.

He also put up the curtains we got for the doorway between our sitting room and bedroom. They look great, and they really block out a lot of light. He was able to stay up late writing while I slept, and the lights never bothered me at all. When the rest of the curtains are up over the windows, we’ll be able to have a really dark, migraine-safe cave in here.

The downstairs bathroom is off our sitting room, and in order to have it accessible to guests, we have to leave the door from the sitting room to the rest of the house open. The lack of an actual door between the sitting room and bedroom makes that very uncomfortable for me, and the curtains really help.

The Comcast guy (actually, a contractor) did show up Saturday, so the cable modem has been moved. sambear will move the ReplayTV when he gets a chance, and I’m sure we’ll all enjoy it more once it’s back in the living room. It just hasn’t gotten along very well with the wireless network, so it’ll be running on a wired connection now. The laser printer is in there, too, which makes it far more accessible to everyone than having it in the sitting room.

Comcast still didn’t get the work order right, though. I wanted an outlet added or moved in our room, so we don’t have to have a cable stretching across it. They didn’t tell the guy that I want the new outlet on an interior wall, so he couldn’t do it. Growl.

Yeah, we could probably do the jack ourselves, but we have so many other things to do that we wouldn’t get around to it for months and months.

They also sent a guy who smelled like pot and was dressed like he was going to be hanging out on a street corner. The lack of professionalism was not inspiring, and I probably wouldn’t have let him in the house had I been here alone.

But still, he did half the job, and it was the more important half.

Did I mention that we rearranged our bedroom recently? That’s why I want the cable jack moved. I like this arrangement much, much better. We have more room to move. Shelley is unhappy because the hope chest isn’t at the foot of the bed, and she used that as a step to get on the bed. Poor baby—she’s really too stiff to climb now.

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