Quiet Monday

I’m snug­gled up in the bed with a woozy shad­owkatt and a sleep­ing Shelley. 

Shel­ley sleeps even more than most cats now, which prob­a­bly isn’t that unusu­al for a cat who’ll be 16 in a few weeks.

The girl woke up with a migraine today, so she won’t be going to dance today. She has to feel tru­ly nasty to miss dance class this close to the recital. She slept most of the day, then we had a bed picnic. 

She’s watch­ing The Eter­nal Sun­shine of the Spot­less Mind. I find it a dif­fi­cult movie. Good, but difficult.

I’ve cat­a­loged more books and videos, done laun­dry, cleaned the kitchen, run the Room­ba, that kind of thing.

sam­bear and I had lots of mar­velous gam­ing this week­end. As usu­al, I want more. I’m a very high-main­te­nance gamer. 

He also put up the cur­tains we got for the door­way between our sit­ting room and bed­room. They look great, and they real­ly block out a lot of light. He was able to stay up late writ­ing while I slept, and the lights nev­er both­ered me at all. When the rest of the cur­tains are up over the win­dows, we’ll be able to have a real­ly dark, migraine-safe cave in here.

The down­stairs bath­room is off our sit­ting room, and in order to have it acces­si­ble to guests, we have to leave the door from the sit­ting room to the rest of the house open. The lack of an actu­al door between the sit­ting room and bed­room makes that very uncom­fort­able for me, and the cur­tains real­ly help.

The Com­cast guy (actu­al­ly, a con­trac­tor) did show up Sat­ur­day, so the cable modem has been moved. sam­bear will move the ReplayTV when he gets a chance, and I’m sure we’ll all enjoy it more once it’s back in the liv­ing room. It just has­n’t got­ten along very well with the wire­less net­work, so it’ll be run­ning on a wired con­nec­tion now. The laser print­er is in there, too, which makes it far more acces­si­ble to every­one than hav­ing it in the sit­ting room.

Com­cast still did­n’t get the work order right, though. I want­ed an out­let added or moved in our room, so we don’t have to have a cable stretch­ing across it. They did­n’t tell the guy that I want the new out­let on an inte­ri­or wall, so he could­n’t do it. Growl.

Yeah, we could prob­a­bly do the jack our­selves, but we have so many oth­er things to do that we would­n’t get around to it for months and months.

They also sent a guy who smelled like pot and was dressed like he was going to be hang­ing out on a street cor­ner. The lack of pro­fes­sion­al­ism was not inspir­ing, and I prob­a­bly would­n’t have let him in the house had I been here alone.

But still, he did half the job, and it was the more impor­tant half.

Did I men­tion that we rearranged our bed­room recent­ly? That’s why I want the cable jack moved. I like this arrange­ment much, much bet­ter. We have more room to move. Shel­ley is unhap­py because the hope chest isn’t at the foot of the bed, and she used that as a step to get on the bed. Poor baby—she’s real­ly too stiff to climb now.

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