Yep, I Am That Geeky

I’m doing some filing, which involves dealing with the annoying file containers I have at the moment. I’m promising myself something more entertaining as a reward, though:

Cataloging my needlework patterns and supplies.

Yes, I am so geeky that I see that as a fun activity.

As with our books, part of the joy is that I have reason to go through all of them. As Sam has noted, collecting the patterns is nearly a separate hobby from that of actually stitching anything. I have far more designs in my library than I will ever be able to complete. I’ve collected them over the 25 years or so that I’ve been a stitcher.

I usually only go through them when I’m searching for something in particular. I should get rid of most of them, as I honestly tend to buy something new when I’m actually going to start a new project. I haven’t spent much time stitching lately, and my “in progress” backlog is daunting.

Beyond the patterns, there are the fibers and beads. Specialty fibers represent much of the cost of the projects I do these days. Many of them have dye lots, so I’ll probably continue to buy new skeins whenever I start a new project. Still, I like to know what I have, and they are a joy to touch.

I’m definitely going to pass on much of the fabric I have to others. I don’t use Aida, only linen or evenweave, and someone on one of the Freecycle lists was seeking some for use in teaching girls to stitch. Some of that fabric is older than Katie, but other than a few creases it’s in perfectly good condition. The Aida dates back to my days working in a craft store as a teen, buying extra supplies whenever we had a truly good sale.

I’m using this software, rather than trying to use ReaderWare for this inventory. If all goes as planned, I shouldn’t be terribly talky for the rest of the weekend.

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