sambear, dracofrost and copperscale‘s son (who needs an LJ, dangit) just returned from picking up new-to-us carpet for the master suite. Yes, it was used for 10 years in someone else’s house, but it’s much better than the water-damaged stuff that’s in here now! I’d estimate this stuff is at least 20 years old—or maybe it just wasn’t very high quality and hasn’t been cared for properly.

Anyway, thank you, Kim! I doubt you read this, but I wanted to say it anyway.

We’ll be putting the carpet down when 1) we’re absolutely sure the roof is fully repaired, and 2) the two walls have been taken down and replaced. Oh, well, yeah, the ceiling in that part of the sitting room has to be re-done, and apparently, there’s a lot of damage up in the attic that has to be fixed.

Obviously, not a quick-and-easy project, so it isn’t going to happen (still) right away. Especially as taking care of the issues that caused the $500+ electric bill this month are more urgent!

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