Gadget Lust

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After switch­ing phone car­ri­ers this week, I have a much wider vari­ety of phones from which to choose. And that Treo 650 is look­ing far too sexy.  I mean, I don’t *need* a new PDA, or a phone fanci­er than the…


It’s ter­ri­bly frus­trat­ing to fin­ish a cou­ple of new arti­cles and edits to some old ones, then be unable to upload them to one’s serv­er. I’m not a patient woman, but I nev­er claimed to be one, either.

Poetry: My Son

My Son –Susan Catal­do From drenched: select­ed poems of Susan Catal­do 1979–1999 I love this messy room you live in The plants you care for The nick­els & dimes & pen­nies you pile Up on your desk like no-good mon­ey The Amaz­ing Spiderman…

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