Another Lovely Day

What could be bad about a day that ends with snug­gles with both partners?

Okay, so it did­n’t start so well. I have to acknowl­edge that bron­chi­tis has trig­gered a flare. BUT—sam­bear took care of me, and there was noth­ing that I had to do, so I rest­ed all day.

After curiousmay9 came home and all five bor­rowed teens were here, sam­bear ran a Vam­pire game that appar­ent­ly rocked much­ly. He also cooked aston­ish­ing quan­ti­ties of food with help from mayre­mi, dra­cofrost and shad­owkatt.

We have our mayre­mi, who has been absent from us for far too long, and who we have missed terribly.

After curiousmay9 woke from her nap, she and I piled into the bed, watched Alias DVDs and snug­gled. She designed a love­ly medal­lion for the entry­way of the cot­tage, which will be tiled today.

She left with red­crow­stu­dio’s boy and the oth­er C this morn­ing, bel­lies full of sam­bear’s boun­teous break­fast. He’s run­ning Amber Dice­less for the remain­ing teens.

sam­bear and I also had a deli­cious din­ner at Out­back Fri­day night. The food and com­pa­ny were far bet­ter than the atmos­phere, as we both end­ed up hav­ing breath­ing prob­lems due to cig­a­rette smoke. I look for­ward to the day when “no smok­ing in restau­rants” is the law statewide. We drove around a bit after­ward, vis­it­ed Bor­ders, and came home, gam­ing all the while. Very, very good game I look for­ward to more of it.

I hope your week­end is going every bit as well 🙂

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