List for Families With Non-Typical Children

I just learned of this list, and thought it might be of interest to some of you

AllowYour *Non-Typical* Child to SHINE with Unschooling!

I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that unschooling does nothing less than save the lives of non-typical children.

This list is primarily a discussion/support/connection forum for the parents of non-typical children (out-of-sync, highly sensitive, Asperger’s, etc…) who are either unschooling or who want to learn more about unschooling.

This list was suggested by wonderful people who have attended the Live and Learn Unschooling conferences and who have wanted to have more time/connection with me, Anne Ohman, and other parents like me, after hearing my *Out of Sync/Highly Sensitive* talks.

Please, if you are new to this list, you may want to read my articles, I Am What I Am and Allowing Your Highly Sensitive/Out of Sync Child to SHINE with Unschooling. (I also have tapes available of conference talks).

As I cannot talk about truly honoring our non-typical children without talking about unschooling, that will be the focus of this list…not schooling at home, not partial unschooling, but pure, radical unschooling, that which has been proven to allow my own non-typical child to Shine (born in 1990 and always unschooled), as all children are intended to Shine.

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