Publisher, Author, and Lawyer Try to Strongarm Individual Out of Her Domain Name

Web pub­lish­er Katie Jones has owned the domain name since 1996.  In 2001, the Plume imprint of Pen­guin Put­nam  pub­lished a book by Katie Tar­box, an 18-year-old who (will­ing­ly!) got involved with a cyber­stalk­er when she was 13. The orig­i­nal book title was, but they changed it because that’s a porn site. Obvi­ous­ly, they […]

Busy Day

The cable modem went wacky last night so that I could­n’t post the entry I’d writ­ten, so here it is. I had a mar­velous lunch with greyknight yes­ter­day. He went home with some pos­si­bil­i­ties for their kids’ Hal­loween cos­tumes from our large col­lec­tion of “make-believe” cloth­ing. I’m hop­ing some­thing worked! god­dessin­ga gave me a link to […]

Snicker :-)

Please excuse me while I’m just a lit­tle bit pet­ty. Some of you know that an idiot has been stalk­ing our fam­i­ly since 1996, most­ly harass­ing us online now that he can­not find us offline. Yes, real­ly that long. Yes, he should get a life. Has any­body got one for him? Any­way, in late January/early Feb­ru­ary he […]

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