The jerk asked for yet another continuation—he’s using the same tactics as when we were in court earlier this year.

Big clue to the whole world: if you are in court for ANY reason at all, and I mean even if you are just taking care of a traffic ticket, dress appropriately. Courts are very conservative places. Guys, wear a suit and tie if at all possible. The absolute MINIMUM attire for you is slacks (and they better be freshly ironed with a crease that’ll cut things) and a collared shirt. Ladies, wear a suit. Or a nice, classy dress. Do not wear pants if there’s any way to avoid it. If you must wear a pantsuit, it better be really professional. Anybody who shows up in jeans and t-shirts, sweats, etc. is NOT going to be taken seriously. You will look disrespectful. The judge and sheriff’s deputies and everyone else is going to assume you’re clueless or a jerk. You will lose credibility. I don’t care if the other party (if there is one) is likely to show up dressed the same way—YOU show up dressed appropriately. Please.

I just had to get that off my chest.

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