Yes, He Is That Stupid

curiousmay9 broiled salmon steaks tonight. They were SO good!

Anyway, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I looked at the amount of “juice” and scraps on the two pans, and then looked at the very hopeful critters. I ended up giving Karli one pan and setting the other down for the cats.

Wizard, the youngest cat, decided that whatever the dog had must be better. He left the cat pan and kept trying to edge in on Karli’s action. The dog is very sweet-natured, but a 12 lb. critter should not try to compete with a 115 lb. critter for true yumminess. Wizard didn’t have a chance, but he stayed, sure that he would get something.

Karli walked away from a very clean pan. Being a smart dog, she immediately went to the other pan and cleaned it up. By the time Wizard realized that no, there really wasn’t anything in pan one, Karli was quite protective of pan two. He didn’t even get a taste.

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