While Katie was at the bowling alley (supervised by a trusted adult friend), I went to the courthouse. You see, yesterday I got a call from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s office. Another woman who has long been harassed by stalker creep is taking him to court next week and wanted my address to subpoena me as a witness. They had that information from our attempts to get him locked up earlier this year (that’s not on the website as I haven’t gotten around to updating that section in a LONG time). They were kind enough to call me and ask if it was okay to give it to her, though. I said no, but agreed to go to the courthouse today to accept service of the papers instead.

So I have to go to court next Wednesday to testify. I don’t have any energy to give to this bastard right now. And yes, I’d love to see her win—but I won’t perjure myself, and I have a lot of reason to think this woman has harassed him, too. They’re competitors, as both of them run websites with advertising for prostitutes who then pay some fee to the website owner (essentially a virtual madam/pimp). He just takes his out in trade, according to the police I worked with years ago who were trying to lock him up then—that avoids any money trail that they could have followed to trip him up.

I don’t want to be involved in this crap. I don’t have time for this. The court date, of course, is on the day of a field trip that Katie and I have planned for four months and which absolutely cannot be rescheduled. Fortunately, the organizer is willing to work with us so that Katie can attend without me.

You’d really think that after six freakin’ years the idiot would just GO AWAY.

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