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Okay, I’ve been offline pret­ty much all day. No, I haven’t had time to read LJ, and I feel dread­ful­ly out of touch. I am SO addict­ed. And I think my loves got tired of me call­ing them—I’m used to being almost con­stant­ly in touch with two of them via instant mes­sag­ing dur­ing the day. And some­how, it real­ly feels like there’s been at least two days packed into today instead of just one.

Katie and I went to see the Geor­gia Shake­speare Fes­ti­val’s pro­duc­tion of The Tam­ing of the Shrew this morn­ing. It was incred­i­ble! There were some peo­ple who were shocked, but hey—it’s a bawdy play. One would pre­sume these teach­ers and par­ents knew what was in it before sign­ing their kids up to see it, but appar­ent­ly, some­one thought “Shake­speare, oh yeah, that’s kul­tur­al, right?” and did­n’t actu­al­ly both­er to learn any­thing more.

We were told that the “edu­ca­tion­al mati­nee” shows are toned down com­pared to the evening shows. If that was toned down, I’m assum­ing they have to check ID at the door for the evening shows to make sure every­body is over 18.

Then we had the treat of lunch with Sam. We went to a Chi­nese buf­fet near his office, as Katie loves those. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with sal­ad, fruit, and dessert bars and lots of Mex­i­can and gener­ic stuff (Buf­fa­lo wings, piz­za, mac­a­roni & cheese, mashed pota­toes, roast beef, etc.) before. I’d have to say that just about any­body could prob­a­bly find SOMETHING to eat there, but the Chi­nese food was noth­ing to go back for. The com­pa­ny, how­ev­er, was so won­der­ful that I could­n’t care too much about the food.

Then we dashed up to Katie’s bowl­ing league. Yes, a home­school­er’s bowl­ing league. Sort of at the oppo­site end of the spec­trum from Shake­speare. She enjoys it and it gives her some pure­ly social time with oth­er kids she does­n’t see often.

I ran anoth­er errand while she was there, then arranged to swipe one of her friends for the night. We went by the friend’s house to get cloth­ing and such and came home. She and R were attend­ing anoth­er friend’s birth­day par­ty tonight, but that friend’s entire fam­i­ly is down with a stom­ach virus. (You’ll notice, greyknight, that I did not say “stom­ach flu.”)

Now, I real­ize that my day does­n’t sound like much to most peo­ple, but I also took care of eleven­ty-sev­en dif­fer­ent things via phone dur­ing that time. And I was wor­ried about a loved one who was­n’t feel­ing well. There is anoth­er sucky thing hap­pen­ing that I’ll address in anoth­er post. I nev­er remem­ber to drink water as well when I’m away from home as I do when I’m here, so I’m a bit dehy­drat­ed now. That is com­ing on top of not real­ly sleep­ing last night.

I am a true introvert—dealing with peo­ple takes ener­gy out of me. Even talk­ing to strangers on the tele­phone is some­thing I pre­fer to avoid. Deal­ing with peo­ple out­side my safe space here at home is a seri­ous drain. Deal­ing with large groups of people—like at the the­ater and the bowl­ing alley—is seri­ous­ly icky. 

But now I’m home. My loved one is feel­ing much bet­ter as a result of being forcibly cared for by anoth­er loved one. mique_mique and J are here to game. The girls are off roam­ing the neigh­bor­hood being social. sam­bear is on the way home. Din­ner is start­ed cour­tesy of mique_mique (I don’t even EAT chili, I cer­tain­ly don’t know how to make it). Life is much bet­ter now.

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