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Okay, I’ve been offline pretty much all day. No, I haven’t had time to read LJ, and I feel dreadfully out of touch. I am SO addicted. And I think my loves got tired of me calling them—I’m used to being almost constantly in touch with two of them via instant messaging during the day. And somehow, it really feels like there’s been at least two days packed into today instead of just one.

Katie and I went to see the Georgia Shakespeare Festival’s production of The Taming of the Shrew this morning. It was incredible! There were some people who were shocked, but hey—it’s a bawdy play. One would presume these teachers and parents knew what was in it before signing their kids up to see it, but apparently, someone thought “Shakespeare, oh yeah, that’s kultural, right?” and didn’t actually bother to learn anything more.

We were told that the “educational matinee” shows are toned down compared to the evening shows. If that was toned down, I’m assuming they have to check ID at the door for the evening shows to make sure everybody is over 18.

Then we had the treat of lunch with Sam. We went to a Chinese buffet near his office, as Katie loves those. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with salad, fruit, and dessert bars and lots of Mexican and generic stuff (Buffalo wings, pizza, macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, roast beef, etc.) before. I’d have to say that just about anybody could probably find SOMETHING to eat there, but the Chinese food was nothing to go back for. The company, however, was so wonderful that I couldn’t care too much about the food.

Then we dashed up to Katie’s bowling league. Yes, a homeschooler’s bowling league. Sort of at the opposite end of the spectrum from Shakespeare. She enjoys it and it gives her some purely social time with other kids she doesn’t see often.

I ran another errand while she was there, then arranged to swipe one of her friends for the night. We went by the friend’s house to get clothing and such and came home. She and R were attending another friend’s birthday party tonight, but that friend’s entire family is down with a stomach virus. (You’ll notice, greyknight, that I did not say “stomach flu.”)

Now, I realize that my day doesn’t sound like much to most people, but I also took care of eleventy-seven different things via phone during that time. And I was worried about a loved one who wasn’t feeling well. There is another sucky thing happening that I’ll address in another post. I never remember to drink water as well when I’m away from home as I do when I’m here, so I’m a bit dehydrated now. That is coming on top of not really sleeping last night.

I am a true introvert—dealing with people takes energy out of me. Even talking to strangers on the telephone is something I prefer to avoid. Dealing with people outside my safe space here at home is a serious drain. Dealing with large groups of people—like at the theater and the bowling alley—is seriously icky.

But now I’m home. My loved one is feeling much better as a result of being forcibly cared for by another loved one. mique_mique and J are here to game. The girls are off roaming the neighborhood being social. sambear is on the way home. Dinner is started courtesy of mique_mique (I don’t even EAT chili, I certainly don’t know how to make it). Life is much better now.

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