Saturday Morning

sambear made us a lovely breakfast—thank you, sweetie! I’ve gotten the kitchen clean other than the floor, which I’ll have to ask someone else to do (I’m having trouble with mopping well enough to get all the corners/under the edge of the cabinets, etc.) The living areas are mostly clean, though they need a little more picking up and the carpets need vacuuming. I’ll leave Sam’s writing stuff alone since I know he’ll be using it again shortly. The laundry has been going all day and the load of dishes that are running now means that all of them are clean except for the wok. sambear deals with the wok, because he wants it seasoned and I’m likely to scrub off all the seasoning.

I feel much better in a clean house. Everything just happens more smoothly, and I feel less anxious.

I’m going to jump in the shower, then we’re going over to curiousmay9 ‘s house. She and M (soon to be on LJ!) and shadowkatt are going to go on a bike ride. I think I’ll take my stitching to work on. I need to put away another load of laundry before we leave, though, and make up our bed with fresh sheets so that our room will be nice and welcoming when we get home.

Last night we visited Borders, Barnes & Noble, JoAnn Crafts, and The WarRoom while avoiding Friday evening traffic. We didn’t spend any money, but we did have fun. shadowkatt went back into the gaming area at The WarRoom to see what was going on, and some guy went into a seizure. I know she’s beautiful, but that seemed a bit excessive.

I got my PDA back, but it still has the same problem. Growl!

Have I mentioned how much I adore my flowers? I still have three vases full from the party last Saturday, though I’ve had to pull out a few fading stalks. The ones M gave me are holding up best. I don’t have any idea what they are, but I like them. Lots.

Keeping water in the vases has helped me to remember to water the other plants, too. They look happier than they did. I want more plants.

Current Mood: 🙂cheerful
Current Music: Moxy Fruvous “My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors”
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