Saturday Morning

sam­bear made us a love­ly breakfast—thank you, sweet­ie! I’ve got­ten the kitchen clean oth­er than the floor, which I’ll have to ask some­one else to do (I’m hav­ing trou­ble with mop­ping well enough to get all the corners/under the edge of the cab­i­nets, etc.) The liv­ing areas are most­ly clean, though they need a lit­tle more pick­ing up and the car­pets need vac­u­um­ing. I’ll leave Sam’s writ­ing stuff alone since I know he’ll be using it again short­ly. The laun­dry has been going all day and the load of dish­es that are run­ning now means that all of them are clean except for the wok. sam­bear deals with the wok, because he wants it sea­soned and I’m like­ly to scrub off all the seasoning.

I feel much bet­ter in a clean house. Every­thing just hap­pens more smooth­ly, and I feel less anxious.

I’m going to jump in the show­er, then we’re going over to curiousmay9 ‘s house. She and M (soon to be on LJ!) and shad­owkatt are going to go on a bike ride. I think I’ll take my stitch­ing to work on. I need to put away anoth­er load of laun­dry before we leave, though, and make up our bed with fresh sheets so that our room will be nice and wel­com­ing when we get home.

Last night we vis­it­ed Bor­ders, Barnes & Noble, JoAnn Crafts, and The War­Room while avoid­ing Fri­day evening traf­fic. We did­n’t spend any mon­ey, but we did have fun. shad­owkatt went back into the gam­ing area at The War­Room to see what was going on, and some guy went into a seizure. I know she’s beau­ti­ful, but that seemed a bit excessive.

I got my PDA back, but it still has the same prob­lem. Growl!

Have I men­tioned how much I adore my flow­ers? I still have three vas­es full from the par­ty last Sat­ur­day, though I’ve had to pull out a few fad­ing stalks. The ones M gave me are hold­ing up best. I don’t have any idea what they are, but I like them. Lots.

Keep­ing water in the vas­es has helped me to remem­ber to water the oth­er plants, too. They look hap­pi­er than they did. I want more plants.

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