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Please excuse me while I’m just a little bit petty.

Some of you know that an idiot has been stalking our family since 1996, mostly harassing us online now that he cannot find us offline. Yes, really that long. Yes, he should get a life. Has anybody got one for him?

Anyway, in late January/early February he posted my parents’ names, home number and address, and where my mom works on one of his websites. And suddenly, oh my what a coincidence, prostitution ads were posted in several places in my and my mother’s names giving that home phone number as a contact number. He’s posted ads in my name uncountable times in the past, but this time he went after my mother too. Not Okay.

We had about six different court dates and due to absolute ineptitude by the Gwinnett County police and the fact that stalking cases simply are not taken seriously in this state until somebody dies or is at least hospitalized after a violent assault, we never really got anything done. But it did put a scare into the jerk, and he took down the site where he’d posted the information as well as another site where he hosted ads for prostitutes and reviews of the same by their customers.

Some of the ads were posted via anonymous mail to news gateways. Nothing to do with those but try to cancel them and get them out of Google Groups’ archives. But some were posted on a website called They refused to even respond to any of our attempts to contact them about the ads. The address given in the domain registration is in Florida (not always reliable, but other information pointed there, as well).

This morning I saw an article on CNN about two men in Florida who ran a prostitution-related website being arrested (along with other people) and being charged with racketeering among other things. I looked around and yes, it’s the guys who run

Politically, I don’t actually give a damn about what consenting adults do with each other whether any money changes hands or not. I think prostitution laws are simply stupid. I don’t actually have a problem with the fact that these guys ran a website with ads and reviews. But they pissed me off, and they were running things very irresponsibly. They set up a system that allowed anybody to post anonymously (using web proxies and such), and they refused to remove the messages after they were informed that they were posted to harass someone. So I’m really quite happy that they were arrested on a purely personal and admittedly petty level.

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