Hmph. One of our PCs—the one Sam has been using for writ­ing, and the one with the fastest proces­sor and most RAM—has decid­ed that some­times she does­n’t have a NIC. It’s inte­grat­ed into the moth­er­board, and some­times she sees it, some­times she does­n’t. It just start­ed this morn­ing, and I’ve yet to find any rhyme or rea­son to when she can or can’t see the NIC. Some­times the diag­nos­tic lights are on, some­times they’re dead. There haven’t been any changes at all to any kind of set­tings or to the actu­al hard­ware. I have to con­clude that the inte­grat­ed NIC is unre­li­able, which means I need to stick in one of the spare cards we keep around.

But all of Sam’s data is there. And I’m reluc­tant to mess with any­thing that could pos­si­bly cause even the slight­est fur­ther delay in that writ­ing project being done, gone, out­ta here, fin­ished. I don’t want to think about it that project again. Ever. Yes, he could write on any oth­er machine, but only that one has one of the pieces of soft­ware he likes installed on it. And his email is there.

There’s no rea­son that he can’t work on that machine with­out regard to whether or not the NIC is work­ing. In fact, I have to won­der if he would­n’t get fin­ished more quick­ly with­out an inter­net con­nec­tion, so there would­n’t be the pos­si­bil­i­ty of chat­ting with oth­er peo­ple or falling in to web surf­ing. But I’m his part­ner, not his moth­er. It’s his job to decide what is a dis­trac­tion and what is nec­es­sary for writ­ing his way.

And if I don’t replace it before he comes home, he might decide to be fur­ther side­tracked by replac­ing it him­self. I cer­tain­ly had oth­er plans for what I was going to do with the after­noon, but admit­ted­ly, if that were my pri­ma­ry PC, there would be no ques­tion that I’d stop and replace the card right now.


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