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Edit: Whoops! This was my intro for TempleOfTheBody and I posted it to the wrong journal. I decided to leave a copy here anyway, but figured I should explain!

What makes my body feel good. Hmmm. Well, I haven’t thought a great deal about that for most of my life, thanks to all the body=sinful/bad/evil programming. sambear is helping me to overcome more of that.

-Clean sheets, especially against freshly shaven skin
-Clothes that feel good. The chenille sweater that I’m wearing today is one of my favorites. Long-washed, really soft denim is another. Sandwashed silk is great.
-A loved one’s skin against mine
-Comfortable warmth
-Happy Cats
-Working with silk fibers when I’m stitching

Scents—not so many of these simply because I’m allergic to most artificial scents
-A good fire in the fireplace
-Vanilla candles (our friend makes his own vanilla essential oil and uses it for making candles)
-Bread baking
-Food cooking when I’m really hungry
-Many herbal teas. I don’t like the way they taste for the most part, I just like the smell.

-Cheese and bread
-Suisse Mocha
-Dark chocolate
-Strawberries covered in white chocolate
-Fettucine alfredo

-My lovers’ voices
-Good music

Sights—this is harder because I’m really not that visually oriented. I don’t know that I can think of any quite yet.

What do you love to have someone do for you that makes you feel loved, accepted, warm, fully present?
Hmmm. sambear makes me food. He reminds me to eat, in fact, because I often forget or just find it too much trouble. All of my sweeties take time to find out what I like and try to cater to my tastes and shield me from crowds and noise as much as possible since those things upset me. I feel absolutely cherished. And sambear created a “Cyn nest” in our bedroom with my stitching chair (a recliner) so that I can get away from whatever is going on in the rest of the house if I need to do so.

What do you do to make yourself feel like that? I don’t mean things that dull pain; I mean things that bring pleasure.
I have a morning ritual of Suisse Mocha, then cheese grits. If I don’t have them, I feel “off” all day. I have “comfort books” around that I read out of familiarity. I choose stitching projects with fabrics and fibers that feel good and are visually pleasing. I’ve been cutting people who don’t respect my boundaries out of my life if there’s any way to do so and limiting contact if there isn’t. I’m seeking out and spending time with people who do make me feel good, and playing/making music that is also comforting.

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