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No, never have. Ickiness. I’m allergic to the stuff, so I can’t even be around people who smoke.

Do drugs?
Not recreationally, nope. Never tried any of the illegal ones.

Have sex?

Oh yeah. Yeah 🙂

Sleep with stuffed animals?

Live in the moment?

Have a dream that keeps coming back?

Play an instrument?
Not so much anymore, but piano, flute, and briefly oboe, bassoon, and piccolo. Oh, ukulele many many years ago.

Believe there is life on other planets?
I certainly think there might be.

Remember your first love?

Still love her/him?
I’m not still in love, but yes, there are still some old feelings left. But I’m not actively loving him, and love is a verb more than an emotion for me.

Read the newspaper?
Sometimes. I get most of my news online, but I enjoy the occasional dead tree media fix.

Believe in miracles?
Oh yes. Have been blessed with several.

Believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever?

Consider yourself tolerant of others?
Hmm. I’m very tolerant of people being different, having different values, etc. I’m tolerant of people disagreeing with me. I’m not tolerant of stupidity or meanness or dishonesty at all.

Consider love a mistake?

Like the taste of alcohol?
I mostly like wimpy girl drinks

Have a favorite candy?
Hmm. Those dark chocolate oranges maybe. But chocolate-covered macadamia nuts are really good. And then there’s—oh, no, apparently I don’t have one favorite.

Believe in astrology?
In a sense. It can be used to guide us to insight, just like many other tools.

Believe in God?
That Jehovah guy? No. In Deity in many different personas? Yes.

Believe in magic?

Yes, although not the way many people would recognize it

Go to church?
Sometimes. We’re involved in a UU congregation. But my most intense spiritual experiences have taken place outside of churches.

Have any pets?
3 cats and 1 dog. Okay, the alpha cat states that she has us.

Talk to strangers who IM you?
I don’t even see messages from strangers who IM me, so no.

Wear hats?
Not lately.

Have any piercings?
My earlobes are pierced, one hole each. There are tiny scars were another piercing in each ear has been allowed to close up. And that’s true of another part of my body, too.

Have any tattoos?

Hate yourself?

Have an obsession?
Depends on how you define obsession.

Have a secret crush?
Hmm. I don’t think it’s terribly secret.

Collect anything?
Not exactly.

Have (a) best friend(s)?

Wish on stars?

Like your handwriting?
I hate it because it’s messy

Have any bad habits?

Care about looks?
I care about looking presentable, clean, appropriate. But I don’t consider beauty as most of our culture defines it to be very important at all.

Believe in witches?
What, you mean like in fairy tales? Evil scary witches? No. But I know real witches.

Believe in Satan?

Believe in ghosts?
Haven’t personally encountered one, so I don’t have enough information to say yea or nay. Guess I’m agnostic about it.

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